Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Scratch and Draw Patterns

Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Scratch & Create – Scratch and Draw Patterns

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It has been brought to my attention that while I am talented in certain areas, drawing is not one of them. I am always trying to expand my hand and learn to draw, so when I saw the Scratch & Create: Scratch and Draw Patterns Book I was intrigued.

The Scratch & Create: Scratch and Draw Patterns Book is a 20 page book that has an image on one side, and a scratchable surface on the other side in which you “scratch” the image. There are spirals, tangles, and geometric patterns that have simple lines and shapes. The illustration on the facing scratch-off page gets scratched off with the specialized stylus tool to reveal a contrasting background to the color on the page.

Each page is perforated so you may keep or gift your image. I will say if you are looking for an easy image to create, this book may not be for you – it is for more advanced drawers but that is not to say it is difficult, just takes more a drawing hand. If you have a fan of drawing in your life this would be a great gift to challenge and expand their abilities.


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