37 thoughts on “Enjoy Life Foods: Vanilla Honey Graham and Snickerdoodle Cookies Review

  1. Jason Henberger

    Hi David and Christine, my name is Jason. I am Jennifer’s husband, I am pretty picky about my snicker doodles. My mom spoiled me growing up, grin. They are much better than I would have given credit for.

  2. Angelica

    I’ve been wanting to try their chocolate chocolate chip cookies for ages now. I’m pretty obsessed with their chocolate chips and chocolate chunks. They’re meant for baking but I pretty much just eat them straight. It’s hard to find allergen free chocolate!!

  3. Lillea

    I’d like to try their chocolate chips again. It’s been a while since I’ve had some!

  4. Cherie Varrin

    I would love to try the double chocolate brownie cookies. They sounds so delicious!

  5. Tabby72

    I’d love to try the vanilla honey grahams! I love anything with vanilla in it.

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  7. Shauntea Crutcher

    I want to try the Snickerdoodles, because they’re my favorite kind of cookie.


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