Candlemart by Hanna’s at Review

Candlemart by Hanna’s at Beads, Trios and Melts Review + Giveaway

Over the years I have had many hobbies, including candle making. I loved finding different ways to display the wax, and loved creating something that made our house a warm place to visit.

After about a year of diligent and frequent candle making I decided that despite the love of making them, I moved on to a different hobby.

Despite this departure, I still love candles and an even bigger love of wax melts. I love the simplicity and the safety of  wax melts. Since we have two very curious cats in our house, we are always making sure the environments safe while keeping the items we love. We quickly discovered that candles are best burned away from the cats, but melts were perfect.

Since wax melts are heated over a bulb, you still get the aroma and the ambiance without the flame. When I recently found Candlemart by Hanna’s and discovered that they had Jolly Rancher Lemon candles I knew I had to investigate further.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of This post may have affiliate links, but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I was sent a gift card to use on the Candlemart by Hanna’s website and got the following items for review –

The first items that I melted were one of each of the Timberwick scents. I got Hawaiian Delight which was a coconut smell mixed with some fruit tones. The second scent was Lavender Sachet which was a lavender scent with a hint of floral notes. Each of these melts melted as a good rate and I was able to smell the scent throughout the melting and burn down.

The next melts that I melted were the ones I was most eager to melt being that they are 3 different scents in each 2.5oz package. These Trios Triple Pour Garden Rain included 4 Garden Rain melts, 4 Dew Drops melts, and 4 Gentle Breeze melts. The second set Trios Triple Pour Strawberry Lemonade set included 4 Strawberry Lemonade melts, 4 Frozen Mint Leaves melts, and 4 Lemon Sugar melts.

While looking through the site, I saw Aroma Beads, which are small wax beads that contain a ton of scent. I got Jasmine Breeze Beads and Coral Honeysuckle Beads, which I took a couple of each and combined them for a uniquely sweet smell. These melted easily, retained their scent throughout the burn.

When I saw a Neutralizing melt I was interested. I ended up getting the Kitchen Neutralizing which was a 6 square block’s of and have Lab-proven technology and are made in the USA using a proprietary technology called PureFresh.

The final melts I tried were the Jolly Rancher Lemon Scented Wax Melts which smelled just like those iconic Jolly Ranchers that we grew up with. The other candy themed melts I got were the Hershey’s Whoppers Scented Wax Melts which surprisingly smelled very similar to those malt candies. I can tell you that if you tire of the chocolate scent to be aware that this can be a bit strong-smelling over a long period of time.

There was nothing in this order that I did not enjoy immensely. Each scent was full of wonderful smelling scents and I have had a hard time since deciding which I want to melt at any given time. I have been back to the site a couple of times since I originally ordered and am getting ready to order another couple melts. The prices are right, and the scent is outstanding – check out Candlemart by Hanna’s.

P.S. I got all this for under 20.00 with free shipping – shop smart and make the most of the gift code!


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36 thoughts on “Candlemart by Hanna’s at Review

  1. Catherine Lewis

    I used to make candles from scratch. Different animals and cute baby candles. I would like to have either the melts or the candles. Probably the candles more. My favorite scent is Peppermint.

  2. Erin Will

    I do love both but I buy wax melts more often. I really like sweet scents so the candy scents sound amazing!

  3. Julie Bickham

    I like wax melts to me it’s much safer. I love any scents that are food scents, especially cinnamon and hazelnut!

  4. Kerri R.

    I used to melt their candles AND melts together..Still burn their candles from time to time, but I melt more wax than anything….I’ve been using Hanna’s for over 5 years now and they are by far my favorite company AND have amazing employees! My favorite melts are the Aromabeads Singles in Sandy Beaches and Black Sands!

  5. Inez Cegelis

    I like the melts since I also have a pet that I want to keep safe away from flames. As far as scents go, I find that I get tired of them really fast though. Recently Im partial to anything lavender or peach

  6. Vikki Billings

    I use both but I have grown to love the wax melts and my favorite scents are vanilla and pumpkin spice.


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