Art Nouveau Birds Coloring Book Review

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Tropical Travel Patterns Review and Giveaway

Art Nouveau BirdsWhen I was a child my family had birds, and as I got older my extended family continued our family tradition of birds.I also live within a close proximity to a zoo and wild animal park, both of which have birds and I love the colors that birds possess as well as the combinations of colors.

Birds are a miracle of flight and, if you know it or not, engineering. From the speed of their wings, to the aerodynamic nature of their bodies. The are able to propel themselves higher than any human could ever wish and see things that humans are unable to see. Birds are quick, small and many have their own special personalities.

When I received the Art Nouveau Birds: A Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book by Maysa Sem, it allowed me to think of those pet bird that were in my life so many years before.

The new coloring book Art Nouveau Birds: A Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book by Maysa Sem contains 35 images to color that all include art nouveau birds. Each page inspires bright colors and nouveau birds.

To be coloredI will mention that the designs throughout this book are a little more on the advanced end of coloring. Despite this the lines thickness varies depending on the picture and range from bold to very fine lines. As with most books by Blue Star Publishing, the book, does not lie flat but you will be able to crack the binding which will then create a flat surface in which you can color.

Also note that the book’s pages are glued to the binding like a traditional book, making tearing the picture out a little more difficult, which you may want with these birds. My recommendation is to take care when tearing or removing the page or use a cutting device to get the page out. There is a little to no space on the sides, so take extra caution when removing the page.

Here is where it is “as per the normal”, I recommend a piece of paper under the page you are coloring when using pens to avoid bleeding through to other pages. If you are using colored pencils take care to not depress hard, but I would recommend using colored pencils for this book.

Colored PeacockThis book will not only remind you of the beauty that nature possesses but also the beauty inside yourself and can express this through coloring.

 I HIGHLY recommend Art Nouveau Birds: A Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book by Maysa Sem


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54 thoughts on “Art Nouveau Birds Coloring Book Review

  1. Cindy Peterson

    Ospreys are so fun to watch. Precision flyers with wicked hunting skills.

  2. Gracie Kahl

    I like cardinals – they bring a lot of cheer to a cold winter landscape.

  3. Cathy Howard

    I just love Hummingbirds! I have even held several in my hands after rescuing them after flying into my windows.

  4. Laurie Nykaza

    I love Hummingbirds they are in my yard all day long eating out of the feeder I have in my yard.

  5. Connie McCullough

    Any book can that can relieve stress is a great thing, which is why I love these coloring books so much! The birds are especially beautiful.

  6. Linda G.

    I love to have the little wrens around, I look forward to hearing them singing.

  7. Carissa joslyn

    I like woodpeckers! I think they’re pretty-and like their sounds 🙂 until they start pecking on the chimney at no. haha

  8. Leah Shumack

    Blue Jays are my favorite birds because I can watch a lot of them from my back porch!

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