51 thoughts on “World of Munchies: Snack Attack Box Giveaway

  1. Heather

    These look delicious. I like cheese and crackers or popcorn to snack on.

  2. Barrie

    My favorite thing to nosh on is popcorn! NOT microwave or movie but homemade (homegrown, if I have it)!

  3. Barbara Fox

    I love potato chips & Hellavagood Bacon & Horseradish dip. And twizzlers. And Jelly Donuts.

  4. wen budro

    I love to snack on homemade cookies……especially chocolate chip cookies.

  5. Diana Thompson

    I like to snack on fresh food from the garden, tomatoes, spinach, raspberries and strawberries. But usually they are not available, so then I snack on nuts.

  6. Nicole Reel

    My favorite thing to snack on would be yogurt covered things. UGH so good.

  7. Betty C

    My favorite snack item depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s yogurt and other times it can be chocolate or baby carrots or tortilla chips with salsa.

  8. Cheryll Shubert

    That’s a tough question because I love everything!! Lol!! I love popcorn, grapes, anything chocolate, bbq chips, and my favorite is a big hunk of bread with warm spinach artichoke dip! OMG!! Yum! Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway! I’m totally hungry now, lol!!


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