52 thoughts on “Wize Monkey: Coffee Leaf Tea Review

  1. John Smith

    “What is your favorite flavor of tea?” Just about anything–except that tea that tastes like spearmint or some other mint.

  2. MeMe R

    Lemon ginger tea is my favorite. Not only does it aid digestion and heartburn but it taste great too!

  3. busyworkingmama

    I love a lot of flavors, especially black tea, mint tea and anything with ginger in it.

  4. Jen D.

    It’s hard to choose one tea, but if I must I would say orange pekoe – I can easily add other flavors to it.

  5. larescoe

    My favorite flavor of tea is lemon. I also really love the sleepytime tea, I’m not sure what flavor it is.


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