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Think Time: Journal Planner Review

Think Time: Purpose Planner Review + Giveaway

Most of my life works on a plan – I am always planning ahead. The planning encompasses my weekly shopping to 12 months ahead on the blog. I am always planning the editiorial calender and the topics that I will cover. It also helps to plan longer term goals, such as 5 year goals.

I used to put this planning in planners and calendars  and while I still love planners I have transitioned to liking the planning before the planing. Last year I used the Think Time Journal Planner and I enjoyed it all year.

This year the Think Time team changed the planner around, and switched the focus to the planning before the planner with the Purpose Planner.

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Think Time: 2017 Journal Planner Review

Think Time: 2017 Journal Planner Review + Giveaway

Ever since I was young, I have been a planner. One of my favorite gifts were day planners and calendars. Each time I received a new planner or calendar I would spend the next couple hours making note of important birthdays, events and important school dates.

Now that I am older, I still love planners but like them to be a little more than just dates and space to write events. Ideally, a planner can help me plan, but also inspire me to think bigger, and set goals.

As the blog grows, I find my dreams growing so this year I decided that it was time I get a planner that will not only make note of dates, but also give me a place to brainstorm and dream. When I began looking for the perfect planner I came across the Think Time Journal Planner.

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