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How to Draw Cat and Kittens – A Book Review

How to Draw Cats and Kittens: A Complete Guide for Beginners Review and Giveaway

As regular readers know we are cat fans around here. As fascinated and interesting as I find cats, I can not draw them. I have tried to draw cats in the past but they come out more alien than feline. Recently I receive a copy of How to Draw Cats and Kittens: A Complete Guide for BeginnersĀ by J. C. Amberlyn and I immediately knew that this may be just what I need to finally learn to draw my beloved cats.

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How to Draw Cool Stuff – 3 Book Series Review

How to Draw Cool Stuff – 3 Series Review + Giveaway

There is no doubt that I am a creative person. I love to up-cycle items in my home, I love to use paper to craft cards and scrapbook layouts and I love to just doodle.

My entire life I have thought it would be neat to have the ability to draw cute things on the pages and cards I create, but I am never able to get past a bloated looking stick figure. As a crafter, I am dismayed that I can not draw event the simplest of images, and made a resolution that this year I would work on changing that.

Timing is a constant theme on this blog, and this item is not exempt from a case of perfect timing. When I received an email with an opportunity to review theĀ How to Draw Cool Stuff – 3 Book Series I could not believe the timing, because the night before I started looking for a books that would help my drawing skills.

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