36 thoughts on “SunButter: Sunflower Spread Holiday 2016 Giveaway

  1. Kate Daly

    thanks sun butter for a delisious, nutritious alternative for my daughter with a peanut /nut allergy! PS MAKE THE CRUNCHY ORGANIC PLEASE!

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  3. Debbi Wellenstein

    It depends on when everybody can get together. This year, we will be opening our presents on Christmas day.

  4. Mary Gardner

    No. The kids get their Santa stuff early on Christmas morning and then we have a big dinner with the family and exchange gifts then.

  5. Dana Matthews

    The kids open a gift on Christmas Eve…pj’s…but we have to have them for Christmas movie night while we’re passing time to get to bed so Santa can come!

  6. Brooke Allen

    It depends on where I am for Christmas. On years I visit my parents, we open gifts from extended family the night before, and the main gifts from close family on Christmas morning (close family has now expanded to my parents, their kids and child-in-laws, and grandchildren).

    This year, we are staying at home, and will open one gift the night before.

  7. Ellen Beck

    We often do gifts early. It depends on if the person ‘needs’ it. Hubby got a new coat a week ago when it was on sale. I hope to get a present on Christmas.

  8. Edward Reinholtz

    We Usually let the Children open a gift or two Christmas Eve and the rest of them Christmas Day .


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