Stor-All Solutions: Press N’ Click Storage Review

Stor-All Solutions: Press N’ Click Storage Review + Giveaway

As I venture further into home cooking I find myself needing storage for the food items that I will use for another meal. Due to the storage being limited in my house, i am always looking for storage that stacks and stores easy in fridge or shelf.

The one thing I am always on the lookout for is new, easy and functional storage for my foods and food storage needs. Recently I was sent an assortment of plastic storage from Stor-All Solutions that feature their Press N’ Click system.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Stor-All Solutions/Cornerstone PR. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I received an assortment of Stor-All Solutions various storage items, including the Press N’ Click Storage. The assortment included:

10 Piece Multi-Color Set – This set includes 5 plastic storage with colored lids. Each color has a different storage capacity including a 10.5 cup capacity (blue), 8 cup capacity (pink), 6 cup capacity (yellow), 4 cup capacity (orange) and a 3 cup capacity (light green). These closed easily and when I flipped them over, the contents remained in the sealed storage.

Stor-All Solutions Quart Slider Seal Bags – These are your typical freezer bags, and the slide worked numerous times. The quart size makes them versatile for sauces to meats.

Press N’ Click Divided Container with Utensils – With a gray trim and purple fork and spoon, this makes fo the perfect lunch container. When I saw this I thought it was the perfect size for a protein and a side for lunches on-the-go.

6 Piece Press N’ Click Food Containers: A three-piece set of plastic storage with lids that would be great for smaller snacks for on-the-go eating. The set includes a .98 cup capacity (pink), 1.69 cup capacity (yellow) and a 2.75 cup capacity (orange). Each of these canister’s in this set is both air & water tight.

Stor-All GO! Lunch Salad Container with Press N’ Click: A simple square plastic container with a 2.3 cup capacity and insulator makes this the perfect salad on-the-go pack.

Stor-All Heavy Duty Storage Bags: These are great zipper storage bags for winter clothes in the summer and vice versa. The bags I received are extra-large bags which gives them a large capacity for storage.

Stor-All Heavy Duty All Purpose Basket: Sometimes when you are looking for storage, simple is easier. This is a simple box that is large enough to store plastic ware, bags or lunch storage items. The handles make this easy to carry and pull off a shelf.

Grip N’ Go Hydration Bottle: What is lunch without a drink? This 17 ounce bottle has different colors with the bands that you can switch out as the color strikes.

Stor-All uses the patented Press N’ click’s. The Press N’ Click is easy to use with a “one touch” press mechanism that makes food storage and repeated accessibility easy. Each of the Press N’ click storage products are washable, feature heat-resistant handles and are made from BPA free plastic. Press N’ Click products are microwave, dishwasher & freezer safe and are stack or nestable to make for effective and space-saving storage.

Since storage is a constant need that never appears to have an end, it is helpful to see the other various plastic storage items available. If you are looking for functional and sturdy plastic items, be sure to pick up some Stor-All products.


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57 thoughts on “Stor-All Solutions: Press N’ Click Storage Review

  1. Janet Adams

    I am a very organized person. Storage contains are awesome for organization.

  2. Melissa Storms

    I don’t know if it would be considered a storage tip but I keep rubber bands in my kitchen and use them to keep any bags closed. I use them on bags of veggies in the freezer to bags of chips.

  3. Kathy E.

    When at a loss to find a clip to keep bags of chips or cereal fresh, I use a clothes pin! They work great!

  4. Sandy Klocinski

    De-clutter an open-shelving mess with a tidy grid of woven boxes

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  6. Melissa

    Using rectangular storage containers instead of round ones lets you use more of the available space!

  7. Mary Beth Elderton

    My best kitchen storage tip is to declutter periodically. Also keep small baskets for things like chip clips, rubber bands, batteries–whatever–so the “junk drawer” does not get out of hand.

  8. Christy Peeples DuBois

    I keep my junk drawer organized by using small containers to separate the items in order to find them easily. It does help.

  9. Darcy L Koch

    My tip is to always store your fruits and vegetables properly. Some you should keep covered, some in a certain part of the frig, some should not be placed in frig.

  10. Cindy Peterson

    Stash saran wrap, foil, and the like in a file holder mounted to the inside of a cabinet door.

  11. Jen Dantuma

    I’ve just begun using beeswax coated cotton for kitchen storage and am really impressed by it. You can use it to cover a bowl by smoothing in place. wrap cheese, etc. It washes w/ soap in cool water and you hang to dry.

  12. Denise B.

    I just keep on top of everything and keep everything clean, neat, and organized.

  13. Geena Jean O'Banion

    I think my best tip would be to make sure you mark or tag your food items. I know I have put things in the refrigerator with a closed lid/closed container and its really confusing if you aren’t using a transparent container or lid.

  14. Debbie F

    Hm. I don’t really have any storage tips other than using binder clips for closing bags. They are so much better than “chip clips” or any clips you can find in the kitchen area of stores. They’re strong, cheap and so useful! I use them to clip any bag I use, especially the frozen veggie bags I keep in the freezer.

  15. kayla sheehan

    consistently go through and dump expired foods. Store cereals in glass or stainless steel containers, so there arent bulky boxes of different shapes, taking up all of the room

  16. Sylvana B

    I don’t really have a best tip, but I will say that it helps to food prep in these type of containers as well…

  17. Cynthia Green

    My kitchen storage tip is to hang a rack on the back of a pantry door for spices.

  18. Christina C moore

    My best kitchen storage tip is get everything that you do not use

  19. Kathy Eyre

    When you see clips…buy them, because they seem to always get eaten by the clip monster!!!

  20. clynsg

    Make certain that your storage containers stack to utilize vertical space.

  21. Shelley P

    My best kitchen storage tip is to store plastic wrap and aluminum foil in a basket on your cabinet door instead of it taking up valuable drawer space.

  22. Bryan Vice

    I’m kind of a neat freak lol i love to clean and deep clean and im always doing it having 2 kids lol

  23. Nancy

    My best kitchen storage tip is to regularly clean out your kitchen cabinets and drawers and keep only the items you need. Donate or sell the excess items.

  24. Shane A

    Shelves, shelves, shelves! If there is vertical space not being used it’s probably a good place to install a shelf!

  25. Ellen Beck

    My best storage tip is when you buy in bulk wrap things in portion sizes and then freeze and label them. It makes finding things easier and when you defrost you know you have just what you will use.

  26. Theresa D

    My best tip is to use square storage containers so things fit better on shelves and in the fridge

  27. Shakeia Rieux

    Turn unused space over the refrigerator into extra storage. A cabinet over the fridge is a great place to store items you don’t need every day. Use open shelves to display dishes or collectibles.

  28. Chelle

    I would love to WIN this for my Dad, as these are the kind of things he wouldn’t buy for himself-BUT…he could definitely use! Wish me luck! 😀

  29. Kathy Pease

    I hang my cooking utensils above the stovetop on hooks so everything is right there when I need it

  30. Robert

    we live in a camper so we have little varmints we must share our space with with these we wont have to share food

  31. iamcravingpizza

    This is Diana Anderson by the way…I didn’t realize it was posting under this email title and I filled out the givewawy form icorrectly

  32. Joy Venters

    date and label everything. Do not keep anything in a container that ants or other insects can get into.

  33. debbie penney

    I always take cereal and put it in storage containers. They stay fresher for a lot longer

  34. Amanda Lindsay Shearouse

    I use small baskets to organize all my odds and ends in the kitchen.

  35. AEKZ2

    My kitchen storage tip is to declutter, get rid of expired food, and store items in clear containers.

  36. slehan

    Store little used items in the garage and then give them away.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com


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