73 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up: Watercolor Pencils Review

  1. Tricia Andrews

    I’ve done good old fashioned water color painting when I was little! These pencils look really cool! I’ve wanted to expand how I color on greeting cards I make!

  2. June S.

    I have done some water colors before, but it has been years since. I use to do paint by number oil paintings when I was a young girl.

  3. Catherine Lewis

    When I was in college I took an art course and did some water coloring then. I would love these pencils so I could use them in my Adult coloring books.

  4. Teresa Young

    I haven’t done any watercoloring yet but want to add it to my cardmaking supplies.

  5. angie p

    I haven’t done watercoloring in many years. I do have some regular old colored pencils that I use in my coloring books. I’d like to try watercolor pencils in them. 🙂

  6. Shelley

    I used to use water color paints when I was a kid… but I have never tried the pencils before!

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  8. bethelderton

    I am not the talent in the family—everyone else is lol. I would love to give these to my husband. I don’t know whether he has doone watercolor, but he draws beautifully.
    Mary Beth Elderton

  9. Megan Parsons

    I did in school when I was a kid. I’d love to use these and create something amazing!

  10. Cindy Peterson

    I have not done any water color unless you count my creative water paintings from grammar school.

  11. Meredith Brooks

    I have not done water colors, but I love adult coloring books & drawing! it relaxes me

  12. Dwayne Berry

    I took art classes all through high school and part of college, so I did a lot with water colors. I really want to win this for my daughter though. She’s becoming quite a good artist.

  13. Yvonne Marie W

    I’ve painted-using-watercolor-paints-as-a-child-and-recently-again-just-for-fun-and-relaxation.-I-haven’t-had-the-chance-to-play/work-with-this-kind-of-watercolor-pencils-though-and-would-really-like-to.

  14. clynsg

    I have not done any water-coloring since I was a child, and never with this type of pencil. However, I do have a nephew who does lovely work with them, and this would be a great gift for him.

  15. Christy Rivers

    I attempted watercoloring back in high school and once after that. I never quite figured out how to properly use water coloring pencils but I would love to master the skill.


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