56 thoughts on “Socks for Pops – Father’s Day Sock Club Subscription Giveaway

  1. Catherine Lewis

    Happily, I haven’t had a missed sock in many years. If I did, I would save the one and wait until the other showed up.

  2. hmrcarlson

    We lose socks all the time because my kids take them of wherever they want sometimes. We hold on to the ones that we have until we find the match.

  3. shanmapo (@marieanneshirle)

    My socks dont disappear if they did I would put the one away and the other sock would probably show up at some point I think a lot of younger people dont wear matched socks you can buy packages of socks with only one of each sock in the package I would purchase 2 of those as I dont like wearing mismatched socks.

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  5. Lisa

    I usually get rid of them, though luckily it hasn’t happened in a while.

  6. Christina Sparks

    I tie them in a knot and give them to my dogs to play with. They get so excited they love it.

  7. Cheryl Chervitz

    I keep them until I know I don’t have the other sock. Then I either match it with another one that is missing or use it for a rag.

  8. tat2gurlzrock

    I save them until all hope is gone of finding the missing sock.

  9. Debbie F

    If the other sock is actually gone and missing into lost sock heaven then I cut the other sock and it gets used as a rag eventually. 🙂

  10. Jen Dantuma

    I wait for the missing sock to show up, but if it never does I’ll put it in the rag bin – it’ll be used for crafts, dusting, or cleaning leather items.

  11. Becca

    I always just wait, and the missing sock almost always shows up. Otherwise after a few years, I will throw it out lol

  12. Nancy

    We may keep lone socks around for awhile trying to find their mates. If you don’t find the mate, they can be useful for dusting and cleaning.

  13. clynsg

    Usually the match will eventually appear, but if it is finally gone, will give to Goodwill for their ‘rag bag’ that they apparently give/sell to some forms of manufacturers who use fabric–mainly paper/stationery ones I think.


    I hold on to the ones that we have until we find the match. If it never turns up, good for cleaning

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  15. Sophie Jing Nee Chai

    Cool designs! I can never find these kind of socks at where i live, it’ll be very cool if i win one HAHA. Good luck to everyone else 🙂

  16. Cindy Ramirez

    I keep the pairless socks and try to match those pairless socks together, haha.
    If the other half of a pair doesn’t turn up then eventually I end up using the pairless ones for cleaning.

  17. jenny

    matching socks is my worst chore ever! Every single time I do laundry, there are socks that don’t match! What do I do? I keep all the single socks in the laundry basket. I don’t even want to deal with them!

  18. Shelley P

    I hang on to any sock that has lost it’s match hoping to find it. If it’s been a few months the kids and I use them to make puppets with or dog toys.

  19. debbies

    I take the mismatched ones unpick the toes and make them into door stops stuffed with material scraps or cushion filling

  20. Julie Hawkins

    I keep mismatched socks and make puppets out of them for the kids.

  21. Shane A

    Either mix and match a pair of socks or wait until I lose another of the same type…haha

  22. Leah Shumack

    They go to my daughter! The style is that crazy socks are in all the time and they don’t have to match. I love this because it saves time in the mornings trying to find a pair of socks for her lol

  23. Trisha Musgrave

    We normally keep them and just put them in the sock box with all the other socks. We will wear mismatched socks sometimes.

  24. slehan

    Right now they’re in a drawer by themselves. Hope springs eternal…Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com


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