29 thoughts on “SoapSox Bath Scrub: Hunter the Gator Review

  1. jennifer bowen

    getting them in the tub is one of the headrest things to do the 2nd one is when it comes to washing the hair some kids well cant take heaving water being put over there heads its a sensory touch thing some people have it but some don’t

  2. Jen D

    Once they’ve gotten soap in their eyes, it’s so hard to wash their hair. I’ve found it helpful to have them hold a wash cloth over their eyes.

  3. Darcy L Koch

    My biggest struggle is getting them INTO the tub in the first place. I hear so many exuses.

  4. busyworkingmama

    Convincing my daughter she needs a shower is a struggle. You’d think she’d enjoy getting clean!

  5. Nickole Heim

    My biggest struggle is getting them into the tub in the first place. its always a battle

  6. ncjeepster

    Keeping them occupied while I try to bathe them. They want to get out when there is nothing for them to do.

  7. Vikki Billings

    My biggest struggle is getting my granddaughter out of the bath, she loves to take a bath!

  8. Michelle Catallo

    The biggest struggle with my kids in the bathtub? I have two #1 being, getting them OUT and #2 getting them to realize they STILL need to clean themselves LOL


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