44 thoughts on “Sappo Hill Soapworks Review

  1. Kelly McGrew

    My favorites are deep earthy scents like sandalwood & lavender.

  2. Jenn Reed

    I prefer oatmeal based soaps for their scent and healing properties. I would love to try the Aloe / Oatmeal soap variety from Sappo Hill Soaps.

  3. Chaylin

    My favorite scent is definitely vanilla or honey. I love very rich, sweet smelling aromas.

  4. Docia Vagnerini

    It’s lavender all the way for me, and if you can find lavender/vanilla that is the most heavenly scent ever!

  5. Sand

    I’ve been purchasing Sappo Hill soaps for about twenty years. My favorite has always been the oatmeal one.


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