Pom Pom Wow! Decoration Station Review

Pom Pom Wow! Decoration Station Review

As a crafter I have learned there are many things that you can do with yarn. One of the ways that you can reuse yarn is by making pom pom’s and adding them to presents and gifts.

When I heard about the Pom Pom Wow! Decoration Station, I saw a way to decorate and personalize the pom pom’s I love to add to gifts.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Maya Toys. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I received a Pom Pom Wow! Decoration Station for review and experimentation.

The Pom Pom Wow! Decoration Station is basically a self contained system that allows you to decorate yarn pom pom’s with different items such as glitter, pens and water colors. There are six different techniques to use to decorate your pom poms. The best part about this set is the ability to fold the kit up for easy mess-free transportation.

The Decoration Station comes with 1 portable play set, 75 pom poms in 4 colors, 85 adhesive dots, 8 removable pom pom trays, 1 removable water tray, 1 adhesive roll dispenser, 2 markers, 1 blotting cloth, 1 paintbrush, 1 pipette, 4 stamper pads, 4 watercolors, and 1 glitter gel pen.

While I was initially disappointed that this was simply a way to decorate pom pom’s I was hoping that I would also be able to make the pom poms. Each of the Pom Poms are glued on the bottom, which makes adhesion onto other surfaces a bit easier since yarn can be a hard substance to adhere.

Despite this minor miscommunication, I enjoyed this station. My niece received one and before the day was over was already wanting the refill pack so she could decorate and adorn more poms.

This would be a perfect gift for a creative kid in your life. I saw two young girls playing with this with so much excitement and creativity in their minds – a home run for any kid!


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