Petlinks: Hyper Hide & Play Crinkle Ring Review

Petlinks: Hyper Hide & Play Crinkle Ring + 2 Mice Cat Toy Review and Giveaway

There is no doubt I am a lucky person – I get to spend each day with my cats, Maggee and Murfee. Most days this works really well and they entertain themselves, although there are days in which they come to me and want my attention. For that reason, I am always adding toys, beds and play toys for them to enjoy. When I saw the Petlinks Hyper Hide & Play Crinkle Ring and that it was made for independent play, I knew it was perfect for the cats to enjoy while I work away.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Petlinks. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I received a Petlinks: Hyper Hide & Play Crinkle Ring with 2 Mice for Maggee and Murfee to enjoy.

This was the ideal size for Murfee, but Maggee was a little to large for it, which is actually perfect since Murfee is the restless cat in the house.

The Petlinks: Hyper Hide & Play Crinkle Ring with 2 Mice is made with natural, safe materials such as jute and ribbons, which is the one part that Maggee loves.

The mice are stuffed with hypernip, which is a proprietary blend of silvervine and catnip that even finicky cats love. Murfee really loves the toys.

The toys are lightweight so they’re perfectly tossable for independent play.

The play den doubles as a comfy hideaway as long as the cat is in the 10lb range, which is what Murfee is, Maggee is about 18 pounds and turned the circle into a canoe. 

I loved watching Murfee play in the Petlinks: Hyper Hide & Play Crinkle Ring with 2 Mice and think this would be a great addition to your pets toy and bed arsenal.


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44 thoughts on “Petlinks: Hyper Hide & Play Crinkle Ring Review

  1. John Smith

    “What is your cats favorite toy?” Toys involving string, feathers, bells, etc.!

  2. Kayla Klontz

    My cat actually enjoys my pens, I am not allowed to write a thing without her pouncing on the thing! It’s pretty funny.

  3. tanyab79

    At the moment they both like a blue little stuffed teddy bear. Our female cat sometimes plays with anything.

  4. Holly Thomas

    My cat absolutely loves the pet laser light he chases all around! Besides that, he is in love with his catnip filled mouse.

  5. AJ T.

    I must be some kind of moron, I’d rather win giveaways for my animals than for myself.

  6. Jen D.

    Maddie loves to play with the plastic balls with bells inside the most, but she also enjoys the laser light.

  7. Amy Orvin

    All three of my cats love the crinkle balls. They are up all night running and batting them down the hall.

  8. alicia h

    Lovey likes the lazer pointer and her mouse on a string…….or just a leather shoe lace!
    Shes not too picky! 🙂

  9. Maryann D.

    My cat loves lots of toys. She enjoys her green mouse toy and a string toy that she chases around.

  10. PattiAnn Green

    With all the money I’ve spent on toys, their favorite is handmade! You know those blankets that you make by cutting and tying the ends? Well, I made tiny squares like that with an old blanket I was going to toss. I put some catnip in the middle. They play with those the most.

  11. Brittany Carter

    Only 1 has a favorite toy and it’s a Ty squirrel his mom used to carry it around in her mouth when she was looking for him

  12. susan byrne

    One of my cats really loves a laser pointer and the other one is 21 years old and she has cataracts. She doesn’t really play anymore. Poor thing barely can see.

  13. MD Kennedy

    I my cat doesn’t have a super-fresh catnip toy, his favorite toy is a rolled up Halls candy wrapper.

  14. Melissa Shirley

    I do not have cats. I was trying to win this for my friend who does have cats. Before my son was born I had cats and they used to love anything that crinkled or has catnip in it. I no longer have cats because my son is highly allergic.

  15. larescoe

    Our cat seems to like all of the kids toys the best. 🙂 Whenever they go to sleep, he starts playing with them. It’s so cute. He also loves the little mice and any type of string toy.

  16. Sammantha D.

    Ollie is currently obsessed with some sparkly mice he has. Solstice loves another not nailed down, haha. He found a straw earlier and was playing with that.


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