Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – January 2017

Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – January 2017

As far back as I can remember I have loved animals and have always had a imagination where animals are concerned.

When I was young I thought that animals had their own language and could communicate with each other cats and dogs. As I have gotten older I have realized they do have their own language – Love. This is a simple language that we all understand, but it is all animals know.

Since the days go by faster than the days before it is important during these days to remember our pets, and how the love you. When I saw this months Pet Treater and the theme “Cheers to Another “Dog” Gone Year”, was reminded to stop and speak my animals language as the years pass by.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Pet Treater/Jammin Butter. This post may contain affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

Each month I am blown away by the quality and contents of the Pet Treater Box! Meadow has settled in nicely to the medium size dog so I am reviewing the medium dog box. The January 2017 box was a thoughtfully curated and themed box that maintained the theme of “Cheers to Another “Dog” Gone Year”.

Here is a breakdown of the items that were in my/Meadow’s January Pet Treater box:

Griggles Darling Dragon Dogs Squeaker Chew Toy: This orange dragon barely made it out of the box before Meadow claimed it as her own. She loved this toy and shortly after I left, it was reported that she had ripped the tag off. When I visited her the next day, my father begged me not to show her the toy because the squeaker was annoying him since she discovered it – I proceeded to hand it right to the four-legged monster.

Smarty N’ Tasty – Little Duckies Treats: These are little Duck and Sweet Potato treats, that were not opened due to the fact that she has to many treats open and she only gets 1-2 a day. I think I need to visit her more so she can get more treats! She has had these before and seems to like them, and will do what is requested to receive one.

ShedMonster Undercoat Rake: Since Meadow is 75% fur this could not be more appropriate to be included in a monthly box. She also loves to be brushed and pampered so this was a welcome addition after she smelled it and made sure she approved. My father has a grooming station in the garage for her so this will be added and used weekly.

To Doggy with Love – Chicken Meatball: Despite being asked nicely not to open these, they might have been opened. She really enjoyed these, and I kept feeding them to her – much to my father’s displeasure – the important thing is the dog is happy.

Pet Carpet Wipes: I saw these and kept them for our house since we have two of the messiest monsters ever! The biggest difference is that our cats like to knock over our things, where Meadow has a bit more consideration. I happen to have a accident involving cats and whipped cream on our rug, and these cleaned it right up with little to no effort on my end – perfect for this house!

Un-Stuffies Brown Chew Toy: Since my father’s four-legged monster loves to remove stuffing from toys, this arriving stuffing-less was perfect. This is going to be saved for when she need a new toy and destroys her other ones.

Treats for Human and Dog: Each month Pet Treater includes a present for the guardian of the animal. This month was a Pez Bears Candies, which were candies shaped like bears heads. This was the second box that I received these as they were in the Monthly Box of Awesome!

I have mentioned in the past, but this box NEVER disappoints Meadow sees me arrive and knows that she is about to be spoiled.

If you want a unique way to spend time with your furry best friend, then you will never go wrong with a Pet Treater Box!

Pet Treater is a monthly subscription box that is geared 90% toward your dog, and 10% for the human who loves them. Each month the staff at Pet Treater treat’s your best friend with quality times that you both will love. Each box generally include treat’s, a couple of interactive toy’s as well as surprise for the human! Each box is different depending on the breed and size of your dog – and while there is a difference you can expect to receive a box comparable to the one I am showing you here.

Run and fetch this box – you and your dog will love it!!

Monthly subscriptions are $24.99/month – month to month, $22.99/month – 3 month membership ($68.97), $21.99/month – 6 month membership ($131.94) and $19.99/month – 12 months membership ($239.88), and $34.99/month for a one month try it out box.

Shipping is included in the cost each month. All plans are recurring, except “Try It Out!” and that option has a one time shipping fee.

This is per their website : We ship out “Flash Sale” items right away, usually within 24 hours. Monthly boxes are shipped out three times per month. Here is a breakdown of when your box will ship. Orders placed / billed on the 7th – the 16th of the month ship on the 27th. Orders placed / billed on the 17th – the 26th of the month will ship on the 7th. And orders placed / billed on the 27th – 6th of the month will ship on the 17th. Pet Treater utilizes all methods of shipping available to us including Fedex, UPS, USPS and collaborations.

Use code “PT-BED” for a free bed included in your 1st Box!!

(Bed size will depend on the size dog you specify at sign-up)

Codes can not be combined but are good on 3, 6 or 12 month memberships

** FIRST TIME subscribers will receive a first time box, which is full of past favorites and will NOT be a themed box. Theme boxes will start the following month. **

For more information about Pet Treater

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