Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – August 2017

Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review – August 2017

Friends are important – even if they are four-legged and furry.

Meadow has a best friend named Noodles. Noodles lives a few houses away and has grown up playing with her fellow Laberdoodle.

One of the things that I love about Pet Treater is that there is always enough items that Meadow can share with Noodles and they can play together.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Pet Treater/Jammin Butter. This post may contain affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

Each month I am blown away by the quality and contents of the Pet Treater Box! Meadow has settled in nicely to the medium size dog so I am reviewing the medium dog box. The August 2017 box was a thoughtfully curated and themed box.

Here is a breakdown of the items that were in my/Meadow’s August Pet Treater box:

Canteen Ruff & Tuff Pull ToyCanteen Ruff & Tuff Pull Toy: Meadow loves to tug and pull, so this is the perfect item. This says that it is made of chew resistant material, but they have not met Meadow. So far so good, and she is loving it – I love that it is has reflective strips so she can find it in the dark.

Squeeky Floppy Fish: While I loved the look and feel of this toy, it was a nit small for Meadow, so this is going to be gifted to a smaller dog who will love it. The Fish is made of chew resistant materials so it should last for a while.

Emmy’s Gourmet Canine Creations : These are three cookies that are perfect for smaller mouths so this will be gifted with the fish. I love the care in packaging these and that they are handmade!

Playin’ Dirty – 3-in-1 Towel: Anyone who has washed a dog knows the challenge in drying said dog. This pet towel takes advantage of its hand pockets to provide massaging while drying your dog.

Magic CoatHypoallergenic Spray-on Shampoo: The one downside to have a furry dog is that upkeep is numerous and many. By having a hypoallergenic continuous spray shampoo this will keep her groomed and looking her best.

Health Bones – Thins: Meadow is going through cooker training currently and these are the perfect size to reinforce behavior. Meadow seemed to really love these so we have a win!

True Hemp Chews – Health Support for Dogs: These are Immune + Heart Support and are made with 100% legal Canadian Non-GMO hemp.

Treats for Human: Each month Pet Treater includes a present for the guardian of the animal. This month the items were Zombies are Nuts About Brains Puzzle, which are pre-moistened wipes. I have gotten these in a couple other boxes and I really like them!

This box NEVER disappoints and when Meadow sees me arrive she knows that she is about to be spoiled with toys and treats.

If you want a unique way to spend time with your furry best friend, then you will never go wrong with a Pet Treater Box!

Pet Treater is a monthly subscription box that is geared 90% toward your dog, and 10% for the human who loves them. Each month the staff at Pet Treater treat’s your best friend with quality times that you both will love. Each box generally include treat’s, a couple of interactive toy’s as well as surprise for the human! Each box is different depending on the breed and size of your dog – and while there is a difference you can expect to receive a box comparable to the one I am showing you here.

Run and fetch this box – you and your dog will love it!!

Pet Treater Monthly subscriptions are $24.99/month – month to month, $22.99/month – 3 month membership ($68.97), $21.99/month – 6 month membership ($131.94) and $19.99/month – 12 months membership ($239.88), and $34.99/month for a one month try it out box.

Shipping is included in the cost each month. All plans are recurring, except “Try It Out!” and that option has a one time shipping fee.

This is per their website : We ship out “Flash Sale” items right away, usually within 24 hours. Monthly boxes are shipped out three times per month. Here is a breakdown of when your box will ship. Orders placed / billed on the 7th – the 16th of the month ship on the 27th. Orders placed / billed on the 17th – the 26th of the month will ship on the 7th. And orders placed / billed on the 27th – 6th of the month will ship on the 17th. Pet Treater utilizes all methods of shipping available to us including Fedex, UPS, USPS and collaborations.

Use code “PT-BED” for a free bed included in your 1st Box!!

(Bed size will depend on the size dog you specify at sign-up)

Codes can not be combined but are good on 3, 6 or 12 month memberships

** FIRST TIME subscribers will receive a first time box, which is full of past favorites and will NOT be a themed box. Theme boxes will start the following month. **

For more information about Pet Treater

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