Pet Treater: Cat Pack – November 2017 Review

Pet Treater – Cat Pack Review – November 2017

As many readers know, we have been reviewing the dog version of the Pet Treater box for a while now, and I am so excited that as of September 2017 Pet Treater has added a monthly Cat Pack for cat guardians.

This is the third month of Pet Treater’s Cat Pack and it is even better than the first month! Again me and my cats are so excited that they could get in on the monthly action too.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Pet Treater/Jammin Butter. This post may contain affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

The November 2017 pack is the third month for Pet Treater Cat Pack and contained the following products –

FFD Pet – Nip-Stick: Murfee is a cat nip addict, so this is the perfect addition to a pack for him! Since this is on a stick it makes for easy application

Pet Links – Kitty Pillar: My catnip loving boy loved this toy, and now it has become his new BFF!

Vita Essentials – Freeze-Dried Chicken: If there is one thing Maggee loves, it is chicken and the more pure the better. She loves this check from bite one and she has been meowing it for it since!

Loving Pets – It’s Simply Natural – Shrimp: Maggee has not had many opportunities for seafood so I am eager to let her try these. I will give them to her once the chicken is complete since we do not like to have many open treats at one time.

Cat Clothes – Scarf: I loved this scarf from the moment that I saw it! Maggee wore it and seemed to not be bothered by it all! All kidding aside, this fit her perfect and has been added to her rotating collection of items to wear.

Natural Magic – Odor Eliminator: Having two cats, the litter box can get stinky quickly despite numerous cleanings a day so any assistance is welcome.  I was able to place this near the litter box for a bit of relief.

Treat for Cat Guardian – Sticker – Turkey? I Didn’t See a Turkey: I loved this because we often say “Maggee is in shape – round is a shape” and her back-end resembles a turkey face.

I love that the Pet Treater Cat Pack has been added to the Pet Treater family, and am eager to watch this box grow as well as see the companies that will be featured.

If you are looking for a way to treat your cat monthly, get them a Pet Treater Cat Pack!


Pet Treater Monthly subscriptions are $12.99/month with shipping included

Use Coupon Code: LOVEMYCAT to get the first month for ONLY $9.99.


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