Pawscout: The Smarter Pet Tag Review

Pawscout: The Smarter Pet Tag Review & Giveaway

One of my biggest fears is losing my cats. We had a situation a couple of years ago when through an open window, both cats escaped. Lucky for us we got super lucky and they did not venture far from home but the scare stayed with me and is something that I consider whenever we leave the house. Since that fateful day I have been looking for a way to prevent those scares and with the Pawscout: The Smarter Pet Tag this may be a preventable scare in the future. 

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Pawscout. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I received a Pawscout – The Smarter Pet Tag for Maggee to test and review since she is my flight risk in the house.

The Pawscout – The Smarter Pet Tag is a smart and easy way to keep track of your pets that utilized Bluetooth technology. The Pawscount is not only an outdoor virtual leash allowing you to know when your pet strays from your yard or other places, it also holds your pets medical records and its own digital profile. 

The Pawscout also utilizes an app if your pet goes missing, and all users of the app will be alerted that your pet is missing and to call the National Guard. If your pet comes within 200 feet (a football field approximately) of anyone with the Pawscout app will be notified, making finding your pet easier and quicker.

The Pawscout also tracks your walks and the path you took with your pet. This is as simple as install, pair and attach to your pets collar.

While the amount of time our pets spend outside is limited, and always supervised, it makes me feel better to know that Maggee has this added assurance if she escapes our sights.

The Pawscout – The Smarter Pet Tag is small and unobtrusive, and works for the pets size and is ideal for all pet owners and is an a great community based solution to lost pets.


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46 thoughts on “Pawscout: The Smarter Pet Tag Review

  1. kathy M

    One of my biggest concerns is my pet getting outside and I am not able to quickly locate her. With people coming and going pets accidentally get out and sometimes they are hard to find!

  2. MeMe R

    Attacks from other loose dogs. We live in apartments with several irresponsible dog owners and it really sucks. Because of medical bills we have no choice right now to stay here. The best we can do is to protect ourselves with pepper sprays, dog repellents, and I am lucky enough to walk with a cane. My big dog is also very protective too. Unfortunately he had to fight off a pit bull and my dog is a border collie. He actually walked away without a scratch and the pit bull with several hundred stitches. It was awful and something I fear repeat of every day. 2018 I am determined to move into our forever home. Typing that out just gave me a major panic attack. Ugh!

  3. Tere Hidalgo

    My dogs love to be outside and my biggest fear is that someone takes one of them. I have 4 Shih Tzus.

  4. DailyWoman (Lacey)

    My cat usually stays in the house but he is always trying to run out when we open the door. I am always worried he will get out and I can’t catch him and he will end up lost.

  5. sharlene caisse

    My biggest concern is for my dogs safety and health. I have a blind rescue dog as well as 3 other dogs.

  6. Wanda Patterson

    I worry about the age and health of my mickey, he has started to put on some weight and needs a diet.

  7. Laurie Nykaza

    One of my biggest concerns are my pets getting outdoors we have 4 indoor cats and 3 outside dogs and we dont want to lose any of our babies

  8. Darcy L Koch

    My biggest fear is that while out walking my dog she gets attacked by another dog and she gets the worst of a fight.

  9. Ryan Schenk

    My biggest concern as a pet owner would be if my pet got outside and got hit by a car. I have seen this happen and never want to see it again. Horrible thought.

  10. Wendy Browne

    I’m worried about being able to afford vet emergency bills. I also worry about my Boston Terrier being attacked by a larger dog in our apt complex. :C

  11. Sammantha D.

    My biggest concern is them wandering off while we’re hiking. I had it happen a few weeks ago and it was pretty scary.

  12. Toni Sprouse

    My biggest fear is that my furbabies will somehow get away from us while camping.

  13. Linda Bradshaw

    My biggest concern with my pets is that they get picked up by someone. We have had missing animals in our area where people are stealing them and selling them.

  14. ellen beck

    Odin is a senior and is blind now. He is also a diabetic on shots twice day. My concern is medical but also if other dogs were to hurt him. He is a fair size dog himself but would be at a terrible disadvantage.

  15. Letessha Williams

    My biggest concern is our kitty getting outside to wander and then not being able to find his way back home.

  16. Michelle Catallo

    Honestly, my biggest concern is people messing with dogs as they walk by. I actually designed my yard so my pets are far from the street; I layered it so they have their own “dog run”. People have been known to slip poison and such as treats, besides they also instigate a lot of the pets whose yards run along the street.

  17. Annette

    My biggest concern as a senior pet owner is making sure they’re getting the proper nutrition and wondering if they are hiding any kind of pain.

  18. Daniel Scott

    My biggest concern is making sure that all my dog’s needs are met. This includes mental, emotional and physical requirements to keep him healthy.


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