Newman’s Own: Pet Food Spring Sampler Giveaway

Newman’s Own: Pet Food Spring Sampler Giveaway

newmans-sampler-packAs many cat owners know, cats can be finicky and picky about the things they eat, despite what their humans want.

In our home we have one finicky cat, and one cat that will eat anything that we put in front of her. Since she is easy to feed, the true challenge sits with Murfee and his eating habits. The one food that both cats agree on is Newman’s Pet Food, for that reason I am thrilled to give one reader a sampler pack in either cat or dog variety.

The  products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Newman’s Own. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

Included in the sampler pack are the following items:

The Newman’s Own Adult Cat Food is an organic dry cat food that has hard kibble.

The wet food comes in  and assortment of wet food in the following of Turkey & Liver Dinner (5 oz), Organic Liver (3 oz), Chicken and Salmon Formula (3 oz), Chicken & Brown Rice Formula (3 oz), Chicken Dinner (5 oz) and Turkey and Vegetable Formula (3 oz).

If you are looking for an organic pet food that you know comes from goodness, be sure to enter and win this Newman’s Own Pet Food Sampler – your animals will thank you!


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Click here to learn more about Newman’s Own or see my review

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GIVEAWAY: Newman’s Own is offering a cat or dog sampler pack to my readers! (1) lucky winner will be selected at random to win a sampler pack of either cat or dog food of the winner’s choice. The cat themed box will contain a 1lb bag of Newman’s Own Adult Formula Dry Cat Food and the following canned variety of wet food including  Turkey & Liver Dinner (5 oz), Organic Liver (3 oz), Chicken and Salmon Formula (3 oz), Chicken & Brown Rice Formula (3 oz), Chicken Dinner (5 oz) and Turkey and Vegetable Formula (3 oz). The Dog box will contain a variety of dry food, wet food and treats. *Flavors subject on change depending on availability* Open to residents in the US only. I will be randomly choosing 1 person on May 3rd (5/3/2017) to receive this pet food sampler pack! To enter complete the entries below! Winner will be notified by DealsAmongUs by email and prize will be fulfilled by Newman’s Own. Remember you ave 48 hours to claim prize, or I will choose another winner. GOOD LUCK!!!

Win a Newman’s Own Pet Food Spring Sampler

76 thoughts on “Newman’s Own: Pet Food Spring Sampler Giveaway

  1. Janet Adams

    Our four dogs and one cat love treats. Every morning they stand at the pantry waiting.

  2. Catherine Lewis

    Feed me! pet me! give me my treats! Play with me! Pay attention to me! Time to wake up! What are you doing? I’m kind of glad my cat can’t talk!! 🙂

  3. Sallies2

    Our rescue cat is very very picky. He is fun to watch and loves us in his own way. He will never be a cuddler apparently. That’s OK, we love him and want the best for him and Newman’s Own is the best place to go.

  4. Cheryl Chervitz

    My two Boston’s would ask for more treats, more room on the bed, and walks all day long.

  5. wen budro

    They would request an unlimited fish and meat bar. They would also request that the dog goes away.

  6. Amanda Eagan

    They would request surf and turf! They would want the chicken and salmon I’m sure. They also enjoy canned/wet food over the dry.

  7. Cathy Truman

    Our boy Bailey would ask for chicken and more walks and
    another dog to play with

  8. karen mayernick

    I think my dogs would say, “Would you pleeeeeaaassseeee leave me alone when I am sleeping?”

  9. Margot C

    My dog would request baguettes with butter; I gave him some once and he’s still waiting for me to do it again (but it’s bad for him).

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  11. Kim Cowgar

    Treats! Always more treats lol. And to play with the big peacock feathers!

  12. Morris Elfenbaum

    organic cat food will make my wife jump for joy. She is a naturalpath

  13. kelly light

    One would say, feed me more, one let me out to play, one would say, give me a french fry, and my baby would say, Why cant I go outside!

  14. Melanie Phelps

    My two, Doobie and Chewbacca, would be forever on me for cold water and BALLSSSSSSS and steak and eggs everyday!!!

  15. Saki AB

    Please PLAY, PLAY, PLAY, PLAY! I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU! I pretty much know what they are telling me without any words😁

  16. Linda Szymoniak

    I have three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds. My two boys would tell me they want to go for a walk (even when they’ve just gotten home from one). My girl, Kyoko, would ask for food (even right after she’s eaten).

  17. Saundra Bowers

    If my cat, Fritz, could speak, he would tell me to give the new puppy away! Our puppy, Zunebug, would say to have the cat be nicer to him!

  18. Rosalie LaVertue

    Would love to win this for my cat Asia , I’m always looking for healthier food for him Good luck to everyone

  19. tannawings

    If our pets could speak they (cats) would say more wet food at 5am. If the dog could speak he would say shut these cats up.
    ellen beck

  20. Joy Venters

    Since I have 3 cats I am pretty sure that each one of them would say to me – “get rid of the other two”

  21. Jae Park

    My dog would request more walks, since he’d love to go more than once a day even though he has 2 acres to run around on!

  22. Docia Vagnerini

    My dog Gracie would ask for more trips to the dog park and more Newman’s Own food and treats for sure!

  23. Leah Shumack

    I have two kitties. One would demand all of the canned food she could eat. The other would demand me to pet him all day long!


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