Munchpak Snacks: Monthly Snacks from Around the World Review

Take a Snack Journey with MunchPak –  Review & Giveaway

Since my hair had sustained a fair amount of abuse over the years, I am on a constant search for the right products that will restore my hair to its pre-perm glory. When I received an email that the previously only salon available MunchPak Snack Box was becoming widely available I knew I wanted to give it a try.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of MunchPak. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I received a MunchPak that contained 10+ snacks including:

Yappari Ramune SodaJapan: This is a Kiwi flavored soda that is a bit sweet, but kiwis are sweet.

White Red Flag CaromelPoland: This treat from Poland was different than I expected. I saw wafers and thought it would be crisp, but it was the opposite – it had a soft texture. The caramel filling was super sweet, and if it was crisp it would have been a nice contrast for flavor.

Tayto Cheese and OnionIreland: These Irish chips are a cheese and onion blend. I plan to accompany these with a sandwich for a lunch, which i anticipate will be a nice snack.


Sour Power Belt BlazpberryNetherlands: I am a fan of sour candies and I really enjoyed these. Each bite had a sour note ad I was sad when the package was gone. These were not overly chewy would be a great movie night snack!

Skawa Draze SmietankowePoland: This cream filled treat from Poland seems like it would be good frozen so I plan to freeze them and then indulge.

Nutella B-readyPoland: I did not know I was even a fan of Nutella until I tried this. This is a wafer cookie with Nutella inside. It was crumbly but very tasty and worth the crumbs.

Mieszko Zozole ColaPoland: This is a cola flavored candy with a fizzy filling. I was surprised by the fizz, but it did have a simple cola soda taste.

Hills Custard CreamsEngland: This is a simple vanilla flavored cookie with a simple vanilla cream inside. These were really tasty and generous in the amount – 8 cookies in the pack!

Gerrits Sour BlockUnited States: Since I am a fan of sour and gummies I enjoyed these. I found them to be adequately sour but my husband barely noticed the sourness. I plan to purchase these if I ever see them in the store.

Fini Sour TornadoesSpain: I was expecting sour and I got a more minty flavor, but they were soft and chewy.

Candyland Chillz SticksPakistan: I love getting foriegn crackers and chips to add to lunches. I have not had these yet, but they will be a good addition to a upcoming lunch.

There is no doubt that there is a ton of fun in store when you get a MunchPak – its a an international trip around the world in a box.



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63 thoughts on “Munchpak Snacks: Monthly Snacks from Around the World Review

  1. Julie Lundstrom

    My kids would like the Sour Blockheads and I would like the Custard Creme Cookies.

  2. John Smith

    “What is your favorite international snack?” I would like to try crazy Japanese Kit-Kat bars in wild flavors!

  3. karley moore

    I have never tried any international treats, but the Sour Blockheads look good. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

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  5. Kathy B

    I really like Walker Shortbread from Scotland. So yummy! MunchPak snacks look really good too!

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  7. Jen D

    The first time I ever had Nutella was as a gift from my sister when she was living overseas – so good!! I remember the first time I saw it in a grocery store in the U.S….I was so surprised that I would be able to buy it whenever I wanted. It’s still my favorite international snack.

  8. jennifer bowen

    i really dont think i have one but i do like to eat maxican candy and breads thats i get from the mexican store all the time

  9. Wendy R.

    My husband’s mother was British and he loves British candy. His favorite is the Flake bar.

  10. mc300mailumkcedu

    I like Pocky, it comes in so many different flavors. Also, LMAO at the first paragraph of the review. Which one of the snacks helped restore your hair to its pre-perm glory? 😀


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