Make Your Summer Colorful Coloring Set Giveaway 

Make Your Summer Colorful: Coloring Set Giveaway

crayola-opening-with-crayon-focus Each day I try to incorporate a colorful view to everything I do and color is important to my life. It cheers me up when I’m down and can turn a sad day around.

With that I give you the opportunity to win with a Make Your Summer Colorful Giveaway that includes crayons, colored pencils and pens!

This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the giveaway and opinions to follow and all opinions are my own.

Super Tips 50ct Washable Super Tips

Crayola 96 Crayon SetCrayola Classic Color Pack of 96 Crayons

crayola-50c-tcolored-pencils-editedCrayola 50ct Long Colored Pencils

Start your new year with some color!Crayola_current_logo

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GIVEAWAY: Crayola/DealsAmongUs is giving 1 person an trio of coloring must haves! (1) lucky winner will be selected at random to win (1) Crayola Classic Color Pack of 96 Crayons and  (1) 50ct Washable Super Tips Set and (1) Crayola 50ct Long Colored Pencils. This is a $25.00 value!! I will be randomly choosing 1 person on June 21st (6/21/2017) to receive this colorful pack!  Open to residents in the US and Canada. To enter complete the entries below! Winner’s will be notified by me by email and prize will be fulfilled by Crayola/DealsAmongUs. Remember you have 48 hours to claim prize, or I will choose another winner. GOOD LUCK!!!

Make Your Summer Colorful Giveaway

103 thoughts on “Make Your Summer Colorful Coloring Set Giveaway 

    1. Sharon B.

      Hopeful to win this great DealsAmongUs give-a-way! It would be nice to have’ to share with family & folks from a non-profit community life enrichment art program I attend. Thanks & Good Luck All!!

  1. Cheryl Chervitz

    We don’t have any plans yet. Maybe a short trip to see my children.

  2. Ira

    A few camps and a few day trips, for the rest I’m gathering a box of craft materials and games.

  3. John Smith

    “What are your summer plans?” Why, to grow, learn, and create, of course!

  4. Jennifer Trevino

    I’m thinking about teaching my step daughter about geocaching.

  5. Brandy G.

    We have planned a camping trip at the lake, roadtrip to South Carolina to visit family and going to Disney in August.

  6. Christy Peeples DuBois

    We stay on the lake a lot during the summer months. We also have a beach trip to Gulfshores, Alabama or Destin, Florida.

  7. busyworkingmama

    We plan to swim quite a bit and get some kayaking in as well!


    This summer I plan to take time to enjoy seeing family and working in my yard.

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  10. Shandra Doolittle

    This is a super cute giveaway -and just in time to head off any summer break boredom!

  11. Emily R.

    Our summer llans are to start off by relaxing & then get some projects done!

  12. Darcy L Koch

    Our summer plans include camping, swimming, picnics, and bikeriding.

  13. Denise B.

    We don’t have any summer plans. We live in Kissimmee. So, during tourist season, we don’t do the local attractions and activities. We homeschool. So, we can make plans for any other time of the year.

  14. binabug

    We already camped for the long weekend, will put in more flowers and I hope to even make a very basic compost bin

  15. Catherine Lewis

    Flower gardening and house cleaning and trips to the beach on the motorcycle!

  16. Jen Dantuma

    I will do my raised garden beds, take care of the lawn, go for some tandem bicycle rides and some motorcycle rides with my husband, watch some sunsets on the beach, and take some day trips to visit with family.

  17. Janet Adams

    My summer plans are to play with my son. He’s growing up way to quick.

  18. Kristy

    We plan to do a lot of boating, swimming, playing outside and bouncing! Hubby and I are taking our first vacay sans enfants this summer. We are checking the Yukon off our Canada bucket lists. 🙂

  19. Becca

    My big plans are my family coming to visit later this month and then going to visit other family in Chicago in August!

  20. Angel Bormann

    My 6 year old daughter LOVES to color, and she goes through crayons, colored pencils and markers soo fast, give me a breakkk. lol.

  21. clynsg

    I hope to make it out to California to visit my daughter. Otherwise, I am holding down the fort while the rest go on a couple of Scout trips!

  22. Cindy Ramirez

    My summer plans include spending time with my cat, read books from my TBR list, and also take some summer classes.. All the while, I want to work on improving some of my skills, like drawing, sewing, and graphic design.

  23. Seyma Shabbir

    We don’t have any big travel plans but will probably go to the beach!

  24. kristen visser

    Nothing really written in stone as of yet but for sure we will be going to Collingwood and I love love to take my daughters to Ripleys Aquarium and the Toronto Zoo for their first time

  25. ncjeepster

    Our plans have been put on the back burner for now, I’m having surgery and not sure when i will be back up on my feet again.

  26. Linda G

    Plan to take some mini trips around our wonderful state and ride our bikes on our local bath path

  27. Dave L

    I don’t have any summer plans, just surviving the heat in my un-airconditioned apartment. Thank you for the chance to win.

  28. Jennifer Bellotti

    Taking the kids to Hersey Park for a couple of days and also doing day trips!!

  29. mrsmchappell

    We are planning a family trip to the beach and will spend some time at the pool!

  30. lncleslie

    I enjoy coloring with my daughter, I find it relaxing….of course gotta have Crayola!

  31. Shannon Ament

    Naps, trips to the state parks, a trip to the beach, and some Six Flags fun!

  32. Jae Park

    Our summer plans include a road trip with no set destination and many days at the beach, Thanks!

  33. Yvonne Delgado

    summer plans are to clean out garage (yay!), go to the pool, visit family, and relax!

  34. Rebecca Simons

    My three little girls love all things color. Craft days are a staple for us. We’d love to win.

  35. Elicia P

    My son is going to a different camp almost every week. Not what I really wanted to do but he insisted on many of them.

  36. Janice B

    I have several day trips planned for this summer for my son and I. I am planning on going to a wildlife safari and gameland, already have tickets to go to Crayola factory, a waterfall hiking trail near us, a train ride with dinner, plus other spontaneous trips.

  37. Rae74

    My summer plans are to be with my children and enjoy the summer doing activities with them, coloring would be a great activity.

  38. Gloria Luongo

    Having my grandsons for most of the summer and they would love this!

  39. Christy Caldwell

    My boys and I are going to a couple of local fairs and festivals and to an amusement park.

  40. Brian L

    I’m gonna have a relaxing summer and teach my brothers kids to color!! this is a great win!!

  41. Karen Drake

    I don’t have any plans for summer other than to stay inside and keep cool, I would love to take a drive through Smokey Mtns National Park though.

  42. Kayla Klontz

    My plans are to spend as much time as I can with my kids and spend lots of time at the beach.


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