Madelienes By Sugar Bowl Bakery at Valentines Day

Sweet Madelienes for Your Sweetie Giveaway

About 9 months ago I had the opportunity to try a cookie I had seen for years, but never tried and I instantly regretted it after I tried them. These are small moist nuggets of goodness, that would make anyone swoon!

This Valentine’s Day give your sweetie a treat of butter goodness when you win some Madelienes from Sugar Bowl Bakery.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Sugar Bowl Bakery. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I was so excited to have the opportunity to give these Madelienes away!

Madelienes are a petite and sweet French cookie that is made with 100 percent butter. They are free of trans-fat’s and preservatives. These would be good with your morning coffee, or tea. When I had my first one, the first thing I thought of was that they reminded me of a smaller pound cake, but a bit buttier and tastier. These are moist and not crumbly or dry, and would absorb any liquid you give them.

These would make an sweet tooth happy, and if you have the opportunity be sure to pick up some Sugar Bowl Bakery treats!


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GIVEAWAY: Sugar Bowl Bakery is giving a duo of Madelienes to one lucky reader! (1) lucky winner will be selected at random to win the following – (2) 1lb 12oz package of Madelienes – This is a $19.95 value! I will be randomly choosing 1 person on January 31st (1/31/2018) to receive this sweet buttery treat! Open to residents in the US. To enter complete the entries below! Winner will be notified by DealsAmongUs by email and prize will be fulfilled by Sugar Bowl Bakery. Remember you have 48 hours to claim prize, or I will choose another winner. GOOD LUCK!!

Sweet Madelienes for Your Sweetie Giveaway

56 thoughts on “Madelienes By Sugar Bowl Bakery at Valentines Day

  1. Nicole

    I celebrate my sweetie by doing things with him that I don’t enjoy, but that mean a lot to him – like watching Star Wars

  2. MeMe R

    Since my husband was born so close to Christmas he felt like he got short changed as a kid, so during his birthday I make him as special meal each day for 30 days. He likes to call this birthday month and I call it super spoiled bur he spoils me back big time.

  3. kim brooks

    i celebrate my sweetie everyday by showing him appreciation, doing the little things. Compliments, Dates, back rubs !

  4. marlene a harris

    my husband pass away so my one year old grandson is my sweetie .we play, look at books and have fun

  5. Ashley

    I enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea with him, and these would be perfect for a tea party.

  6. Kim Avery

    I celebrate with my husband by making a special meal. Usually something he requests like shrimp scampi or Alfredo.

  7. Jennifer

    With food, nah, in all honesty, its the little things I do for him that matter, like allow him to get one of the toys he likes, or just spending time with him, watching a movie. My husband is pretty easy to keep happy

  8. Sammantha D.

    I make sure he has everything he needs since he works so hard. And of course, I spoil him with his favorite foods and sweet treats.

  9. Jen D.

    I make his favorite dishes – even the ones I don’t care for – and remember to satisfy his sweet tooth when I go to the grocery store.

  10. Darla Peduzzi

    I celebrate my sweetie by making him a nice meal. He always enjoys that and tell him I love him.

  11. Elizabeth Miller

    I usually make a special dinner dish and then when the kids go to bed we watch a movie.

  12. jenny

    I am super cheesy for Valentine’s day! I make handmade valentines for my husband, cook a big fancy dinner, and help our kids create cute valentines too!

  13. kathypease

    Today is not a good day for that question..but I usually like to cook for him. tonight it is ramen noodles.

  14. Jocelyn Martinez

    We celebrate by having a nice quite night with takeout and a rental. If we are going really out there we might hit the casino!


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