70 thoughts on “Luseta: Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Conditioner Review

  1. Jaque Richards

    I was washing my hair every day, then read that it is unhealthy to do so, no I wash my hair 2 or 3 times a week. My hair is much healthier now. 🙂 Oh, and my grandmother swore by apple cider vinegar for healthy hair and scalp.

  2. paulinemilner

    In the summer, I wash my hair every two days. In the winter, I only wash my hair twice a week as I find washing it more often dries it out. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  3. Lisa Brown

    I wash my hair every day. I wish I didn’t have such greasy hair, but that’s what God gave me!

  4. Michele Pineda

    I wash my hair every other day since I have gotten older it has gotten drier and more brittle, so I need to let it rest a day before the next shampoo and condition.

  5. Kim Avery

    I wash my hair every other day or less. Depends if I’m going out in public or not.

  6. Cami Valenzuela

    It depends on my hair and where I am going but normally 2-3 times a week!

  7. Stephanie Grant

    In reality I should wash my hair daily but I only do that if I have to go somewhere. If I’m just hanging out at home all the time I wash every other or every third day.

  8. Anny Baez

    I tried the argan shampoo and conditioner for this brand. I wash my hair sometimes twice a week or once a weak. My curly hair is really dry and damage.

  9. ellen beck

    I wash my hair probably every three to four days. I have found if I wash it more than that it gets super dry an flyaway. I will put some leave in conditioner in after a shower between times.


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