75 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaway: 7th Street Confections Dark Chocolate Thins

  1. Barrie

    Oranges would go good with dark chocolate. I know many who would eat that, like my daughter and my SIL!

  2. John Smith

    “What fruit do you think would be a good combination with dark chocolate?” Blueberry!

  3. jberry

    Funny how many red fruits pair so well w/ dark chocolate. That being said pomegranate or cherry have worked in my experience.

  4. Jen D

    There is a candy store not too far from my home and I’ve tried all of their dark chocolate and fruit combinations. My favorite by far is orange.

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  6. MeMe R

    I guess strawberries? I am kind of pregnant lol kinda, that cracks me up anywho… so my appetite is all screwed up right now and nothing sounds good at the moment. However pistachios and dark chocolate sound wonderful at the moment.

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  8. Tracy Robertson

    I love all berries with dark chocolate! I don’t think I’ve ever had blackberry and dark chocolate. That would probably be a good one.

  9. Jennifer Reed

    For a fruit I love raspberries with dark chocolate. I also love ginger with chocolate.


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