35 thoughts on “Holiday 2018: Stuff your Stocking with Rise Buddy

  1. Catherine Lewis

    My favorite thing about winter is playing in the snow with the grandchildren.

  2. Sandy Klocinski

    Snuggling up under warm cozy blankets. Lighting the fireplace. Snow. The holidays. Pretty lights.

  3. Yvonne McKenzie

    Watching snow fall out my window while drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows.

  4. Dave L

    My favorite thing about winter is Christmas. Thank you for the great giveaway. Happy holidays!

  5. jenny

    I love the cooler weather, comfort foods, better clothing options and all the extra family time!

  6. ellen beck

    My favorite thing about winter i he smell of fresh snow. Also having a cat or two curled upon me!

  7. DeeAnn S

    Not being a cold weather person, winter is a good time to stay indoors and get caught up on my reading. And I get to do baking for the holidays.

  8. Lauren Hecker

    Getting to spend a lot of time with my family and getting some time off from work is my favorite thing about winter.

  9. Jennifer Reed

    My favorite thing about winter is the darker days surprisingly. I love how cozy it is when it is dark outside.


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