Health Extension: Grain Free Chicken & Tuna Wet Food Review

Health Extension: Grain Free Chicken & Tuna Wet Food Review

Regular readers know how much I adore my cats. Since my cats rely on me to make their health decisions for them I try and make the best ones that I can. One of the largest decisions we make is what to feed our pets? There are many options, and honestly many sound the same. Given this its stands to reason that when I heard a new name in the crowd, I knew it warranted further investigation. As it turns out Health Extension was not new, but the approach towards pet food was. 

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Health Extension. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I received a case of Health Extension’s Grain Free Chicken and Tuna Wet Food for Maggee and Murfee to try.

Murfee by nature is a picky cat and turns his nose up to anything other than a small handful of brands, but Maggee is not picky and she knows what she likes and does not.

Since I get boxes often Maggee tends to not pay much attention to the cardboard that shares her space so when I got the box and she began meowing, I wondered. While she has meowed as I open boxes, this was not unusual, the veracity in which her meows increased was.

I continued to open the box, the meows continued and became more pronounced as a command to me. As I always do I let her sniff the can, and she alerted me she was curious about the contents.

I barely had time to open the can, and she had her nose inside the open can. I placed some on a fork, which she began to devour the food. I have to be careful with Maggee, as she has a tendency to eat to quickly with negative results. I had more of a challenge keeping it slow because she loved the food so much!

The Health Extension Cat Food has no by-products, no rendered animal fats, no corn, no glutens, no soy, no artificial preservatives, no wheat, no BHT – a preservative in food and personal care products, no ehtoxyquin – a quinoline-based antioxidant used as a food preservative, no added sugars or flavors including colors and dyes.

The focus to extend your best friends life and keeping them on the path of lifelong health by keeping what they eat healthy. Maggee is really loving the food and I am glad that I tried the Health Extension Cat Food and plan to try to dry food soon!


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