75 thoughts on “GourmetGiftBaskets.com: Nostalgic Candy Gift Crate Review

  1. Ryan Campbell

    I remember this blue gel-like candy that was in a clear package that looked like an aquarium. It was delicious, and I’m sure pure-sugar. Haven’t seen it since.

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  3. John Smith

    Well, I loved Sweet Tarts when I was little. And those little pastel sugar pills that came in rolls.

  4. betty

    My favorite candy from your childhood is Sweet Tart hard candy. I have always like them and still do! I guess we can grow older but we never truly grow up! lol

  5. Geena Jean O'Banion

    These baskets are super duper….very nice. I am saving this site for future events.

  6. Nancy

    As a child, I liked root beer barrels, rock sugar crystals, and the original Hershey Bar candy bar.

  7. elizabeth miller

    I had 2 favorite candies as a kid. The first was Zots, the candy that fizzed in the center. The other were the little wax bottles that had the juice inside.

  8. Angie S

    I think they’re called cowtails? It’s the caramel with the sugar in the middle…ooomg! So good.

  9. slehan

    I liked Milk Duds – and they still make them. Milk Duds were first created in 1926 by S. le Noble
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com


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