50 thoughts on “Good Earth Beauty: Facial Cleanser Review

  1. Peggy

    My plans are for family to visit me. We live in the country so the little ones can run free for a while.

  2. Lisa V.

    My summer plans include a vacation that starts in less than two weeks. Whoo whoo!

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  4. Kayla Klontz

    I have plans to use the Summer to work with my children to get them prepared for their first year of school, that and many trips to the beach, can’t have Summer without those.

  5. Melissa Storms

    We are planning to stay at home and make a couple of day trips to local attractions.

  6. Victoria Scott

    Lots of time outside and maybe a few trips to see some out of town friends ūüôā

  7. Annamarie V

    No summer plans yet but I hope to do something fun for my Birthday in August.

  8. Michele Cupp

    I’ve got no real plans for this summer, other than working out to improve my health.

  9. Catherine Lewis

    This summer I am flying to Germany for one last visit with my grandchildren before they move back to the US. I will miss going to Germany. It is so beautiful there!

  10. Christy Peeples DuBois

    We usually have a beach trip to either Gulf Shores Alabama or to Destin Florida but we haven’t made definite plans to date. We need to if we are going to go though.

  11. Jen Dantuma

    My summer plans are to watch a sunset or two at the beach, go for some rides on our tandem bike w/ hubby, do some local Amish shopping with hubby on his motorcycle.

  12. Kim Avery

    No summer plans. I either will be working or recovering from foot surgery.

  13. Cindy Ramirez

    Since I’m on a budget, my summer plans are to catch up on TBR list, and also take one or two summer classes for college.

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  15. Brenda Robinson

    My plans are to visit my relatives and also go to an amusement park.

  16. AEKZ2

    No summer plans. The kiddies are getting braces, so money will be tight.

  17. Jaque Richards

    Yes! My daughter and I are going on a road trip up the coast of California! It will be fun!


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