90 thoughts on “Get Goodie Girl in Your Basket

  1. Deborah Wellenstein

    They all look delicious, but the one I want to try first is the fudge stripe.

  2. Steph Christmann

    I do want to try the Mint Slims for myself and my SO, and my kiddos would love the Vanilla Creme.

  3. Jen D.

    They all look so delicious, but Fudge Striped is the most tempting. Mint Slim comes in as a close second choice.

  4. Sandy Burton

    Mint slims or chocolate stripes, sounds yummy, pass the milk please!

  5. larescoe

    I am really exited to try the Mint Slims! There is just something about the flavor combination of chocolate and mint, yum! 🙂

  6. MeMe R

    Chocolate Creme and hopefully they are better than the thin mints I had to settle for since the girl scouts where out of samoas lol.


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