Geek Fuel Monthly Subscription – October 2015 Review

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Geek Fuel Monthly Subscription – October 2015 Review

October Geek Fuel BoxBack in 1985 I was a mere 10 years old, but I knew who Michael J. Fox was and knew that he had a movie coming out – Back to the Future. I saw this movie about a year after release (remember back then movies took a while to come out on VHS). I feel instantly in love with this and the excitement I felt when I saw there would be a 2nd, was something I had never experienced before.

I remember seeing Back To The Future 2 in the theater. I remember wondering if 2015 would really be what they imagined it to be (remember that it was 30 years in the future). I doubted we would have flying cars, but could see a dynamic newspaper that changed headlines as the event was unfolding. I also knew that they would have retro restaurants that were throw backs to the 1980’s.

Needless to say I am excited that the date Marty and Doc traveled to is approaching and this was included in this months Geek Fuel Monthly Subscription Box. If you are looking for a wide range of geek items, the monthly subscription box from Geek Fuel. When I received the October 2015 themed box and as I usually have been in previous months, I was eager to see what it contained. It had been announced that there would be an Officially Licensed product in the October box. Included in this months box was the following:

Exclusive T-shirtExclusive Geek Fuel T-Shirt – $10.00 T-Shirt – ‘Video Games Live’ This months t-shirt is the result of a partnering between the Video Games Live events and Geek Fuel. This is an homage to the video game systems of our world.

Energy DrinkGuardianade Energy Drink – $5.00  – The color scheme on this packaging reminded me of another popular sport drink, and I think that was the point. This is the liquid version of an energy sword and reminded me of what a typical energy drink tastes like.

Its a nap PillowcaseThe Force Awakens Pillowcase – $5.00 – This is a great addition to any geek house and with the upcoming release of “The Force Awakens” and this helps build the excitement.

Back to the Future Geek Fuel October 2015Delorean Time Travel Vinyl Sticker – $5.00  – This is just about one of the coolest additions to my own personal geek collections. The sticker is a strong vinyl material and has the 3 dates most important to Marty McFly – October 21st when he traveled to the future and of course the date in 1985 that it all began. I LOVE the button and newsletter and I feel like i am a “Save The Clock Tower” supporter.

This month on the back of the “Save the Clock Tower Newsletter” there was a phone number in which if you were one of 88 winners – DealsAmongUs did not win this but 88 lucky subscriber’s did – 88, get it?

Guardians of the Galaxy 74Yondu Funko Pop – $9.01 – This is a Guardians of the Galaxy bobble head figurine. The one that we received was #74, which I assume most people received as this is the same number that is on the pre-printed manifest postcard.

Over 9000 Zombies Steam GameOver 9000 Zombies Steam Game – $10.00  – This is what is called as “top down – arcade action” meaning that the view is from the top looking down and has an arcade play style to it. The idea is how long can you survive against the zombie swarm? This is a simple game, defend your home with barricades with scrap that you get from dead zombies, then the game builds from there. This game also has online co-op and is simple fun game if you like to shoot zombies.

Launched in December 2014 Geek Fuel’s Monthly Subscription Service is a gaming and geek themed monthly subscription box service. Typically mailed monthly, around the 10th, it comes in a red box labeled with the Geek Fuel logo in white. Each box contains an exclusive t-shirt that you can only get from having a monthly Geek Fuel subscription. Also included is a Geeky Mini guide and glossy postcard detailing the box contents.

Geek Fuel boxes are available in 4 different monthly options:

  • 1 month/$17.60
  • 3 months/$16.60
  • 6 months/$15.60 + 1 free mystery item
  • 12 months/$13.60 + 3 free mystery items
  • The Mystery items included are a $20.00 value
  • Each box costs a flat $6.00 that covers shipping and handling.

While the future is not what the creators of the Back to the Future trilogy envisioned, it is pretty darn neat. I love that the trilogy has a timeless quality and reminds us of a time before internet, electronics and mini computers. The movie reminds us that it is our choices and our families that are important – all else is flexible like time. It is nice that a monthly box geared toward geeks can remind us of that.

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