50 thoughts on “Dorot Gardens: Fresh Frozen Garlic and Herbs Review

  1. Claudia Davis

    I have been fearful of ginger myself but it gives the most oompf when I use it especially when I make chinese food. I never know how long I can keep it so this product solves my problem. I am so glad I found this article/post!

  2. John Smith

    “What is your favorite herb to add to your meals?” Easy, convenient spice blends!

  3. Jen D

    My favorite herb to use in my cooking is parsley – it looks nice and adds a nice mellow flavor.

  4. Melissa Storms

    I love basil for just about everything. I grow it during the summer months and freeze but always run out by now.

  5. MeMe R

    Garlic, garlic, garlic. The more the better in our household. We just love garlic so much.

  6. larescoe

    My favorite herb to add to my meals is basil! It just has such an amazing flavor! ūüôā


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