Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: September 2017

“Purrfect Daily Essentials” – Cat Lady Box -September 2017 – Review + Giveaway

Each day my husband wakes up, says goodbye to the cats and goes to an office for a minimum of 8 hours a day. On the other hand my office is my house, my co-workers have 4 legs and are much furrier than most other co-workers.

Since I am home based my “daily essentials” amount to water, a pillow for my back and a good flow of music on the background. When I received the “Purrfect Daily Essentials” themed Cat Lady Box this month, I knew that they must have known the things I needed for my “purrfect” daily essentials needs.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of in consideration of a review, but all opinions are my own.

The “Purrfect Daily Essentials” theme contained the following CatLadyBox Exclusive items:

Exclusive Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle– CatLadyBox Exclusive: A water bottle with cat heads is a must have in my house! I love the top on this, it not only seals on but also has a screw on element for added security. This is insulated so it will keep hot fluids hot, and cold fluids cold. With a capacity of 16 ounces, almost any drink will fit in this “purrfect” water bottle.

Cat Eat Headphones – CatLadyBox Custom: Recently it was suggested to me that I get a pair of headphones/earbuds so that I can listen to music while I do my weekly shopping so the timing could not have more perfect or appropriate.

Kitty Cat Keychain – CatLadyBox Exclusive: One of my favorite things is to show my cat lady pride from what I wear to the keys I carry so I LOVED this cat shaped key chain! This has already been added to my keys.

*CAT TOYS* Winged Sneaker Catnip Toy and Boinks Bamboozler – CatLadyBox Exclusive: I have mentioned that cat toys tend to vanish in our house, and we are not sure why this is, so the extra treats for the kitties is always welcome. Murfee loves crinkly items, so the Winged Sneaker Catnip Toy is perfect for him and Maggee loves dangles and trying to catch something we control so the Boinks Bamboozler is perfect for her with 12 inch bamboo and 30 inches of brain!

Cat Lady Featured Artist – Kathryn Riley Parker: I loved this postcard as it summed up the cat perfectly to me. I often catch my cats halfway into something, and when they flee i am left wondering what they were looking at. This postcard will be put on my wall and added to my Cat Lady Postcard collection.

It is not a secret that I generally love these boxes and you can often find me wearing items I have gotten in past boxes (the Cat Lady Squad Cat Ears Hoodie). This box features so many Cat Lady Exclusive items that are unavailable otherwise, it makes this box a fun and exclusive adventure each month.

As an added bonus to the cat community each month donations is made to a different cat rescue each month. Cat Lady Box also gives subscribers an opportunity to nominate an organization to be a beneficiary of Cat Lady Boxes generosity.

Monthly subscriptions come in two options: CatLadyBox and Crazy CatLadyBox. For the CatLadyBox comes with 2-3 items for the human and are $34.99 – month to month, $99.00 – 3 month membership, $187.99 – 6 month membership. The second option available is the CrazyCatLady Box which includes the contents of the CatLadyBox and a couple treats for your feline and are $39.99 – one month membership, $115.99 – 3 month membership and $229.99 – 6 month membership.

Shipping is included in the cost each month for United States recipients (Florida residents add sales tax). Currently shipping to United States, Canada and the UK. For Canadians add $8.95 per box for shipping and for United Kingdom residents add $12.95 to the cost of the monthly box.


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GIVEAWAY: Cat Lady Box is offering 1 free month/box to my readers! I will be randomly choosing 1 person on October 14th (10/14/2017) to receive one month subscription to the Crazy Cat Lady Box!! Winner may receive current months box or next months depending on availability. This is a $39.99 value!! To enter complete the entries below! Open to residents in the US only. Winner will be notified by DealsAmongUs by email and prize will be fulfilled by Cat Lady Box! Remember you have 48 hours to claim prize, or I will choose another winner. GOOD LUCK!!!


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69 thoughts on “Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: September 2017

  1. tat2gurlzrock

    What a cute box! My cats get play time with me every day. My daily essential? Coffee in the morning.

  2. karley moore

    Iced Tea is my daily essential. I drink it all day and sleep with a big glass that I drink throughout the night. I also listen to AM talk radio in my car every day, which is relaxing for me.

  3. christie t

    If you were to ask my cat she would say straws! She always steals your straw and thinks its the best toy ever!

  4. Lisa A

    My daily essential is coffee; my kitties daily essential is wet cat food. She’ll eat dry in between but wet every night.

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  6. Maria Appleby

    Enjoying my first cup of morning coffee sitting with my cats is an essential way to start my day. It’s just not the same without kitty lovings and a good cuppa java!

  7. Lisa Pecora

    My cats greeting me when I wake up and greeting me at the door when I come home is an essential for me, I love it!

  8. Darcy L Koch

    A daily essential is my cat’s brush. He loves being brushed and purrs everytime I do it.

  9. susan byrne

    Definitely treats. One of my kitties is 20 and she doesn’t like anything but treats and wet food.

  10. Ellen Beck

    What is one of your daily essentials? If you mean about cats it is petting and paying attention to them all. Every one is different and wants different things. I have some wanting me up at daybreak and others are more nghtowls.

  11. Tristin D Childress

    One of my daily essentials is waking up to my big fur baby asleep on my feet. How my day will go seriously depends on whether he’s there or not.

  12. Laurie Nykaza

    One of our daily essentials is a brush i have 4 cats they need a good brushing .

  13. Heather A.E.

    One of my cat’s daily essentials is this catnip-filled pickle toy. He loves that thing. For me, an essential would have to be a half-gallon of cold water in the morning. 🙂

  14. slehan

    My daily essential is my water bottle. It’s never far from my hand.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  15. Rebecca C

    One of my daily essentials is my cat’s favorite toy – an old shoelace that he loves to chase and fetch. He’s an odd cat for sure.

  16. Brandy Jones

    My daily essential I can’t go without is my Mello Yello when I first wake up and also I have to have snuggle time with my furbabies before the day is over.

  17. Dina Lindquist

    One of my daily essentials is cuddle time with my 3 cats. They usually come to me for cuddles, but some days I have to pick them up and give them hugs. That box is adorable!

  18. Chrissy Malave

    My daily essential is having cold water bottles. I even share with my cat who prefers water out of my water bottle then out of his bowl.


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