52 thoughts on “Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: October 2017

  1. marlene a harris

    everything about cats makes me happy (not changing litter boxes or fur balls)

  2. tat2gurlzrock

    I love this. I have a 13 week old long haired black kitten we call Shadow because he follows me EVERYWHERE. I love how intelligent cats are.

  3. Holly Wright

    I have two cats an they both amaze me on how smart they are. One opens the cupboard door were their food is kept an will drag the bag if it’s light enough to her bowl. An the other one opens doors.

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  5. Maria Appleby

    What amazes me about my cats is that they are so loving, forgiving, and in the moment. We humans have much to learn from them!

  6. kim brooks

    what amazes me about cats would be their instinct to protect and hunt also their cuddles they are so sweet and loveable will lay on you and with you and be a great companion !

  7. Kathy B.

    What amazes me about cats is their agility and their ability to leap so high with so little effort. And how they can walk around on a shelf full of stuff and not knock anything off (unless they want to).

  8. robyn paris

    My nieces cat acts like a dog to her. Follows her and comes when she calls them. I think that is amazing.

  9. Xenia Ford

    What amazes me the most about cats?
    Well, my fur-babies amaze me by how smart & human child-like they act. They know I’m their mommy & they treat me like it. 1 likes to be held & rocked like a baby. She sleeps in my arms under the covers. I could go on all day long about how amazing my kids are. I’m just really glad that they picked me to be their pet-human‚Ě£

  10. Ellen Beck

    What amazes me most about cats is although they tend to be self centered creatures, they pickupon yourmoods. They know when to come lay with you.

  11. Lisa Williams

    I am amazed how independent cat’s are but at the same time they are so loving and affectionate too.

  12. Mary Somerville

    Their resilience! My kitties had been through a lot before they came here, but they accept & love each other & us endlessly.

  13. Leah Shumack

    How smart they are and their compassion even tho they can be so pissy lol A bad day they are right there next to me…


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