Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: January 2017

Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription – “Cozy & Comfy” – January 2017 – Review + Giveaway

Early in our cat guardian life, we realized that our cats were going to miss out on sleeping on our beds at night. Due to the layout of our house, there is a clear path from our living room to the bedroom. If we keep the bedroom door open, they run and use our (Jason’s) legs to vault themselves ahead of each other.

Recently we have begun to let our girl cat, Maggee, in the room the last couple hours of the sleep cycle. Most days she hunkers down by my legs and falls asleep. The other day, we discovered that a soon as the humans sleep she explores the closet. We had set some water bottles on the edge of our elevated closet, and when we woke, one bottle was on the floor – not where we left it.

Sadly, Maggee was busted! Despite that exploration, we know all she wants is to be near us. When I received the “Cozy & Comfy” themed Cat Lady Box this month, I laughed because thats all every cat wants is to be cozy and comfy.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of in consideration of a review, but all opinions are my own.

The “Cozy & Comfy” theme contained the following CatLadyBox Exclusive items:

Cat Ears Hoodie – Cat Lady Squad – CatLadyBox Exclusive: This might be my favorite item I have ever received and it might get worn all the time. I loved the cat ears on the hoodie and I love that it is lightweight enough to wear over items. I got an extra-large and the fit was not overly baggy yet still gave me room to move.

Fuzzy Cat Socks – CatLadyBox Custom: Regular readers will know how much I love socks – my love for them is deep and eternal. I love that these have paws on the bottom and cute ears and eyes. These were made special for Cat Lady Box and are so soft.

Kitty Cat Hair Pins – CatLadyBox Exclusive: I have never seen cat shaped bobby pins so these were a fun surprise. I will say that it was difficult to keep the pin open to put in my hair. I am not the most coordinated so if your coordination is good, these will not post you much of a challenge. I loved these and plan to wear them soon!

*CAT TOYS* Meowcha Latte Catnip Toy & Catnip Soft Kitty Catnip Toy – CatLadyBox Exclusive: Cat toys tend to vanish in our house, and we are not sure why this is, so the extra treats for the kitties is always welcome. These are put up until the toys in our house reduce a bit.

Cat Lady Featured Artist – Peggy Johnson “everygoodcolor”: When I saw this months postcard I was struck by the amount of color. Since my cats love pillows, this postcard made me smile. This will be put on my wall and added to my Cat Lady Postcard collection.

As most of these items are made special for CatLadyBox it is hard, if not impossible, to locate them outside the monthly box subscription. This box gains momentum and further exclusivity each month and with that has become the normal each month.

As an added bonus to the cat community that each month 5% of profits go to cat rescues. Cat Lady Box also gives subscribers an opportunity to nominate an organization to be a beneficiary of Cat Lady Boxes generosity.

cat-lady-box-stickerAlso available are 1 month gift subscriptions, perfect for a cute and unique gift!

Monthly subscriptions come in two options: CatLadyBox and Crazy CatLadyBox. For the CatLadyBox comes with 2-3 items for the human and are $34.99 – month to month, $99.00 – 3 month membership, $187.99 – 6 month membership. The second option available is the CrazyCatLady Box which includes the contents of the CatLadyBox and a couple treats for your feline and are $39.99 – one month membership, $115.99 – 3 month membership and $215.99 – 6 month membership.

Shipping is included in the cost each month for United States recipients (Florida residents add sales tax). Currently shipping to United States, Canada and the UK. For Canadians add $8.95 per box for shipping and for United Kingdom residents add $12.95 to the cost of the monthly box.

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GIVEAWAY: Cat Lady Box is offering 1 free month/box to my readers! I will be randomly choosing 1 person on February 19th (2/19/2017) to receive one month subscription to Cat Lady Box!!  Winner may receive current months box or next months depending on availability. This is a $39.99 value!! To enter complete the entries below! Open to residents in the US only. Winner will be notified by DealsAmongUs by email and prize will be fulfilled by Cat Lady Box! Remember you have 48 hours to claim prize, or I will choose another winner. GOOD LUCK!!!

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46 thoughts on “Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: January 2017

  1. Laurie Nykaza

    I would tell them how much I love the 4 cats I have now . I know they do know it they are with me all day every day ages 5- 19 years old.

  2. Catherine Lewis

    It would be: “I love you, but please don’t lay on my legs at night while I am sleeping.” I wake up every morning with cramped legs!

  3. June S.

    I would ask my two cats why do you constantly want more cat food all the time. They eat like horses not like cats.

  4. Stephanie Phelps

    I would have to say when I tell Teddy it is time to eat he knows what I am saying!

  5. Dana MATTHEWS

    I’d say to our Starr Kitty to please do not jump in the rocker at night. It makes an awful noise and scares me no matter how many times his little mean butt does it!

  6. tat2gurlzrock

    I would say to my cat I love you but please stop laying on my feet when I am sleeping because it wakes me up.

  7. Debbie F

    I would say “I love you” but also add “Why do you act like you’re starving all day long when I feed you 3 times a day?!”. 🙂

  8. Kristi

    My kitties know that I love them, and they already know they own the bed, I get just a corner of the blanket if they are not already using it. So I guess I would tell them they are always such good kitties. But they know that too…as they find something to destroy or a they flip all the litter out of the box after I just swept the floor.

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  10. Erin Will

    I would tell my baby Huxley, “please stop scratching up the have several different scratching posts to use!”

  11. Lisa Sarmiento

    I would tell my cats to please sit still while I trim your nails. I’m not hurting you. I’m helping you not get stuck on various items you are trying to climb (and you know you shouldn’t be)!

  12. DailyWoman (Lacey)

    I would tell my cat to stop playing with the blinds in order to get my attention so I will feed him.

  13. jenny stratton

    I would ask my cat where his hidey hole is so we can retrieve everything he has stolen.

  14. Sonya Allstun

    That I loved them all but they DO understand me they are great at reading body language

  15. jenny stratton

    I would as Edgar where his kitty cave at so I could retrieve some of my missing things.

  16. Ellen Beck

    If you could say one thing to you cat, that they understood, what would it be?

    I have 5 cats, so I would maybe ask them who picks on who when I m not watching them. Or ask them who the naughty one is.

  17. Jen Reed

    I would tell my new kitten to stop harassing his big senior sister. She is being very patient with you little one so give her some peace!


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