88 thoughts on “Brush Naked Toothpaste and Brushes Giveaway

  1. Jackie

    I swap my toothbrush when the one I’m using looks like it needs to be swapped. Usually about once a month.

  2. Scott MacMillan

    I have been reading and hearing many positive things about the toothbrush and I will be trying it out shortly.If given the choice I always will choose organic and natural items in my life.

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  4. John Smith

    “How often do you swap your toothbrush?” Well, I try to “change out” my toothbrush relatively freguently! But “swapping” it–ugh!!–never!!!

  5. Ryan Schenk

    This is such an unbelievably good idea. Not only is this stuff environmentally safe but the science that is put into it is great. The charcoal on the bristles is brilliant!

  6. Karley Moore

    I swap my toothbrush about every 2 months. I swap it out sooner if I am sick. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Lisa Brown

    I bite down on mine (bad habit), so they usually don’t last much longer than a month.

  8. mary chapman

    I usually swap every 6 months, sooner if it looks like it needs to be changed.

  9. Sammantha D.

    About every two months or so. I brush 3-4 times a day so they do wear down quickly.

  10. lncleslie

    Not anywhere close to often enough, especially when I was younger….paying the price for that now 😟

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    When it shows wear like every 6 months. We also have sonic toothbrushes along w/ our manual

  13. willitara

    I’m not sure about a time line. I usually keep several on hand and when one starts to look bad or doesn’t feel right I toss it.

  14. Michelle Catallo

    I swap out all our toothbrushes minimum three months turn around; a couple days after someone is sick theirs gets tossed also, or when it’s starting to look icky.


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