Bird Catcher PRO EX – Interactive Cat Toy Review

Maggee vs The Bird Catcher PRO EX – Review + Giveaway –

When we adopted Maggee we purchased a bunch of toys and items we thought she might like. We purchased tiny stuffed mice that got lost far to quickly, we purchased balls with bells that were inevitably stepped on and we bought a bird feathers on a string. Since she was a bit older upon adoption, but still very young and recently had given birth we were told to keep her calm the first 5 days at home – Yea! You try to keep a 9 month old kitten “calm”.

As for the toys, she showed little interest until we tried the bird toy. We quickly discovered that one of her favorite ways to play was laying down and letting the bird toy come to her. She learned VERY quickly that the toy always returned within in a radius that she could reach with her paws. At the time we did not know if the fascination with this toy was more that she was healing or that she was lazy. It turned out that she just a lazy player and knows the toys will return.

One of her favorite toys is the bird toys that seem to be flying in the air. The biggest problem is that generally these have long handles and long strings, which makes storage difficult when you live in a small house. When I saw a review of The Bird Catcher PRO Ex online, I was curious if it would be the toy she loved without the storage issues.

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I received a Bird Catcher PRO EX from Pets Can Play for Maggee to play with and chase.

Right off the bat the first thing that I noticed is that this was much smaller than I initially expected, The Bird Catcher PRO EX comes with Two Ultra Guinea Fowl Feather Flyers, One Plush Mouse, an Extendable Handle and Closeable Storage Bag.

The first thing I noticed was the handle was totally extendable – to 3 feet (92 cm) and shrinks to a mere 8 inches (20 CM) which makes storage simple and smaller than the traditional bird toys.

Maggee can be a bit rough on toys, I was concerned that the wand would crack, since she has already snapped the handle of one toy. I noticed right away that the handle of the Bird Catcher PRO EX  were flexible while remaining study. Since this extended to 8 feet, it gives a lot of swing in the feathers.

Speaking of the swing, the string is the length of the extended handle, which adds even more swing and distance capability. The distance is important when you are playing since you want this to mimic the flight of a bird.

We often talk in our house that Maggee and Murfee do not know what a bird is, but I think that their instincts kick in and this interactive toy helps those instincts.

The feathers on the Bird Catcher PRO EX are Ultra Guinea Fowl Feathers, and both cats seemed to love them! Also included is a mouse that you can skittle on the ground.

The toys connect easy, using a simple hook. This makes replacement and exchange of toys easy and convenient.

All of this stores very simply in a bag, which makes for easy storage in a small area. Maggee learned VERY quickly that this bag had the feather toy, and after we went to sleep she began its journey across our house. When we awoke in the morning the black re-closable bag was sitting at our door.

Since Maggee loves chasing bird and mice, this is the ideal toy for her. If you have a cat that loves chasing birds, run and get them Bird Catcher PRO EX.


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45 thoughts on “Bird Catcher PRO EX – Interactive Cat Toy Review

  1. Tim H

    Our cat is 16 so her favorite activity is sleeping. She still likes to play from time to time and loves chasing bird feathers so this would be great for our Abby.

  2. John Smith

    “What is your cats favorite activity?” Well, we should use the cat toys more often than we do. But when we do, we need to not let it go on for too long–the cat gets tuckered out and, I think, a bit queasy from all of her jumping and running and playing.

  3. Jennifer Hedden

    Bella loves to sleep and be loved on. She also likes to play with bread ties and make messes.

  4. Margot C

    I’m not entering because I have one of these, my cat Leonardo loves it and will chase it until your arm is tired!

  5. Maria Appleby

    We are a multi cat household. Most of our seniors love to nap in sun puddles. The younger ones love to play, especially interactively with us.

  6. A Scott

    Chasing almost anything (as long as it is waay smaller than she is!) is her favorite activity.

  7. true

    Porsche’s favorite past time s being scratched. (she’s 13) Sylvester’s favorite pastime is playing. (He’s 2)

  8. Arielle

    My cat loves teaser toys but her favorite pastime seems to be waking us up at 5AM, lol!

  9. g2-46fa907b3e30ab60a16617735c3686bb

    I hope this is built for the “fat cat that destroys all and lays waste to all it sees” level of wear my cat would give it.

  10. Melissa Storms

    Our cat loves trying to catch toys if you hang them over her head, or if you drag them on the floor she will chase then pounce on them.

  11. Jen D

    Maddie is a stray cat that we took in and we’re nursing her back to health. She’s not very playful yet, mostly likes to eat, sleep, and be groomed. This would be a great toy for her when she’s feeling like her usual self.

  12. Rose Santuci-Sofranko

    LOL, I could say sleeping, but the favorite may be chasing each other up and down the hall…or just running up and down it themselves. Thanks and God Bless! ILuvTheEucharist @ aol dot com

  13. Laurie Nykaza

    I have 4 cats right now they love to play with different toys a stuffed mouse and a ball.

  14. Leah Shumack

    They pretty much sleep all day….but at 2am the Kentucky Derby is run around my living room, thru the kitchen and up and down my stairs for a couple of rounds!

  15. heather c

    Two cats: one likes to follow me around when I eat, the other likes to jump into random boxes.


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