Back to School with Crayola Silly Scents

Bring Some Scents To Your School Year with Crayola Silly Scents + Giveaway

When I was young, I looked forward to back to school shopping. My father would take me to the store and I would choose the perfect notebook, pencils, pens, erasers and crayons. Each year my goal was the same – stock myself for the year ahead.

Each year I looked forward to this shopping excursion and as an adult look back at them fondly. One items I always remember purchasing were Crayola items, from colored pencils to crayons. This year getting ready for school will be filled with scents, with the Silly Scents crayons, pens and pencils – these are my choices for school year must haves!

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Each of these Crayola Silly Scent Pen, Markers and Crayons are full of color and scents!

Silly Scents Mini Twistable Crayons12 pack – Crayons were one of the first items I remember purchasing each school year. These are mini twistables (less room taken in the backpack!) that come in 12 vibrant colors. These crayon in a plastic shell are harder to break and are a bit smaller – meaning they fit smaller hands. These come in 12 scents including Red (cherry scent), Orange (orange scent), Yellow (lemon scent), Green (green apple), Light Blue (beach scent), Blue (blueberry scent), Purple (grape scent), Dark Pink (fruit punch scent), Light Pink (cotton candy scent), Black (licorice scent), Brown (coconut scent), and Silver (root beer scent).

Silly Scents Mini Twistable Crayons – 24 Pack – If you like the small set, you will love this large set. This set adds 12 more twistables to the collection of plastic encased mini crayons. This set includes Red (cherry scent), Strawberry, Cinnamon, Orange (orange scent), Popcorn, Yellow (lemon scent), Banana, Light Green (lime scent), Watermelon, Green (green apple), Pine, Ocean, Blue (blueberry scent), Cola, Wild Berry, Purple (grape scent), Fruit Smoothie, Fruit Punch, Cotton Candy, Black (licorice scent), Coconut, Fresh Air, Root Beer, and Flower.

Silly Scents Washable Markers6 Pack – This is a simple 6 pack that gives you a nice base of color. Colors included are Red (cherry scent), Orange (orange scent), Yellow (lemon scent), Green (apple scent), Blue (blueberry scent) and Brown (marshmallow scent). Since these have a chisel tip, they make for good highlighters! These are also washable, which is another plus for users!

Silly Scents Twistables Colored Pencils12 Pack – My memories of colored pencils were that I always lost the set before the end of the school year and would be asking for a new set. I suspect if I had this set, i could have smelled the pencils, thus not loosing them. These scented pencils are available in Red (cherry scent), fruit punch, Orange (orange scent), Yellow (lemon scent), Green (apple scent), Light Blue (ocean scent), Blue (blueberry scent), Purple (grape scent), cotton candy, licorice, coconut and root beer.

Silly Scents Scented Markers –  10 Pack – These are thinner markers that would be perfect for coloring any image. This 12 pack contains Red (strawberry scent), lemon, lime, watermelon, fresh air, Blue (blueberry scent), cotton candy, Marshmallow, root beer and caramel.

Each of these pencils, markers and crayons smell similar to the item that they are representing and these would add some flare and sent to any school year!


What is your Back to School must have?


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GIVEAWAY: Crayola/DealsAmongUs is giving 1 person a trio of scented writing tools for their Back to School backpack! (1) lucky winner will be selected at random to win a package each of the following: (1) Silly Scents Mini Twistable Crayons12 pack, (1) Silly Scents Scented Markers – 10 Pack and (1) Silly Scents Twistables Colored Pencils12 Pack. This is a $25.00 value!! I will be randomly choosing 1 person on August 30th (8/30/2017) to receive this scented pack! Open to residents in the US and Canada. To enter complete the entries below! Winner’s will be notified by me by email and prize will be fulfilled by Crayola/DealsAmongUs. Remember you have 48 hours to claim prize, or I will choose another winner. GOOD LUCK!!!

Fill your Backpack with Crayola Silly Scents!

84 thoughts on “Back to School with Crayola Silly Scents

  1. Becky Kinard

    My kids don’t get to use lockers so a good backpack with back support is a must!

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  3. Julie Bickham

    New backpack along with everything that goes inside. Notebooks, binders, pencils etc

  4. Debbie Welchert

    Our number one back to school must have is new backpacks for all the kids.

  5. Donna L

    My daughter is not in school now but when she was we needed a good backpack every year.

  6. Tasha Wilkerson

    Hand Sanitizer and lots of encouragement to use it! I hate all the yucky colds and germs that get brought home!


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