Ugly Snuglies Review

UglySnuglies: Bizarre Bear and Krazy Kitty Review and Giveaway

Bizarre Bear and Krazy Kitty Ugly Snuglies

When I was a child I was always reminded it was “what was on the inside that counts”. I took this lesson and applied it to friends, boyfriends and really everybody I encounter in my adult life. I believe that a person is defined not by their outer shell but what is in their heart and soul is what is important. I believe this to be true and think that it is a message that is getting lost in this beauty conscious world we are living in. There is more importance on filters, injections and basic photo editing then what somebody thinks or feels.

I think that this message needs to be taught at a young level, and while we have all these conveniences of modern photography, I am not sure they should be used to the extent they are outside of professional photography studio. The message of what is on the inside is not as clear as it was when I was growing up.

I believe in this message, so when an offer came across my email to review the UglySnuglies, I was looking forward to learning more about them. UglySnuglies are unique stuffed animals that teach the lesson that “it is what is on the inside that is important”.

I received the Bizarre Bear and Krazy Kitty for review, and to learn what makes them unique.

20151130_142650The first UglySnuglie that came out of the box was Bizarre Bear. The first thing I noticed about this bear was his eyes, I loved the oddness of his eyes. This Bizarre Bear comes with 5 pockets located on the back of his head, right arm, middle of his back, left leg and center of his bottom. These are ample zippered pockets that range in size and can hold anything from a box of crayons, to small trinkets. I would have loved to have all of these hidden spots on a cuddly bear growing up. I have always loved teddy bears and this guy is no exception, and will be a wonderful bedroom addition!

Krazy Kitty and Tail Ugly SnuggliesThe second UglySnuglie that came out of the box was Krazy Kitty. Anybody who knows me in my personal life knows I love, not only my cats, but cats in general. This Krazy Kitty sits with his tongue out looking at you with silly eyes. The unique thing about this cat is that he has a light at the end of his tail. The light wraps around making it easy to use as a pillow as well as being able to use the light. I used Krazy Kitty the other night to do puzzles and was surprised at the amount of light that his tail gives off. Included in the body is a battery pack that takes 3 AAA batteries, making for easy replacement when needed.

If I have any negative to say about the UglySnuglies is that they shed, a lot! I would imagine giving them a once over with a lint roller would solve this problem. The animals are large and easy to hold and cuddle, perfect for younger kids to carry around and enjoy!

UglySnuglies are pets with a purpose and are available in the following:

I truly wish that more toys sent a positive message to the younger generation, who are the worlds next leaders and business tycoons. The message that just because something is ugly does not make it not without merit is something every younger person should learn. I plan to purchase a couple of these for our younger family member, showing them also that ugly is not as ugly as they may think.

These would make a perfect gift for not only the holiday, but birthdays and special occasions – they are so ugly, they’re cute and prove YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE BEAUTIFUL TO BE LOVED!


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77 thoughts on “Ugly Snuglies Review

  1. Carolyn Benson

    No matter how bad things may seem as you grow older it will get better.

  2. Dana Rodriguez

    Those are cute! I think all kids need to learn kindness and how to share.

  3. Sharon Kaminski

    One lesson I wish all kids would learn is to be very respectful to everyone.

    1. Jhenberger Post author

      I wish that more kids would learn this one too, so upsetting seeing/hearing the disrespect level in children these days!

  4. Aimee Trader

    You can feel comfortable telling your parents anything. Never be scared!

  5. Mary Beth Elderton

    I have 3 things I like for kids to learn: 1.) Routine–so everything the *has* to get done *does* get done, leaving time for anything else; 2.) Collecting–caring for your things as you collect over time means that you can have bigger, better, and more. For kids, this is usually toys, but the lesson goes to saving money later on; 3.) Whatever you do, do it for real, do it the most and best you can.

  6. Jason Strickland

    My lesson would be to not concern yourself with the negative opinions/comments of others.

  7. Anna Tetreault

    These things are so adorable! And they send a great message. I would love to win one for myself, and maybe pass it down to my son when he’s old enough 🙂

  8. Heather Poindexter

    I guess in that respect I am lucky. I always thought people with disabilities were overlooked. My brother had severe disleixia growing up, he looked fine though, I was a presffiona; model and had a great carrer I loved then I got a rare heridatary disease. I still look fine, but my legs don’t work. So I have to use a walker or a wheelchair.

  9. Audra O'Hara

    That would be to have confidence in their own abilities and never feel the pressure to mindlessly follow what others do or think.

  10. Megan Tilley

    That we all look different and have different talents but to never judge someone by their appearance because there is so much more on the inside!

  11. Crystal Gomez

    I wish every kid could learn kindness and caring for others. Too many kids are bullies without caring out there!

  12. vickie allbright

    these are so adorable and my advice would be to always be a person of your word that is so important

  13. Terri Irvin

    I wish all kids would learn about racial and cultural diversity and learn to respect people who are different from them.

  14. savannah hadden

    Be kind to everyone, and never judge someone based on their appearance.

  15. Samantha M

    These are actually really really cute. I wish all men, and women too, would learn to be kind and polite when they are young. And to treat everyone with respect, regardless of gender, race, age, or anything else.

  16. A.L.

    This is more of a group of lessons. To put themselves first, to give respect only when it is deserved. Being neutral doesn’t mean disrespectful, rude, weird, unacceptable, etc. It’s okay to end relationships when you don’t feel you’re being respected or even if you feel you don’t have enough or the right things in common.

  17. Gina Ferrell

    I wish that more kids would learn accepting of everyone be kind and have respect and to never bully anyone. Bullying has really become a big issue in the world and it’s so sad to see other kids bullying other kids. It really does start in the household and how the parents teach their kids it’s okay to bully because their not happy with themselves. Love your children and teach them to love and respect everyone because one day it could be your child getting bully!!!

  18. Karen Drake

    I wish my Grandson would learn to be honest, I know it is hard when they are little to explain the difference between the truth and lying but I hope he can learn that.

  19. Amanda Whitley

    i have two! one is to always use manners and respect and the other is to always clean up after yourself

  20. joni taylor

    I wish I could make them understand that being popular means nothing once you aren’t in school anymore.

  21. amy tolley

    I think you should teach your kids manner and to respect others property and belongings and to always know they can do anything they want if they just believe and try….

  22. Wendi

    to respect their elders and help them if they need it and not to expect anything in return for good gestures

    and I love the kitty

  23. Dawn Monroe

    I wish all kids knew that they are unique and can make their life great.

  24. Darlene Owen

    I think its good for kids to mind their manners, such as please, thank you, excuse me, etc.

  25. AEKZ2

    I would like to teach children that the journey is more important than the destination.

  26. tina reynolds

    I would teach them to value and treat others always the way they want to be treated

  27. Robin

    You know it may sound so cliche, but I think that they need to realize that it’s what we do and what we are inside that makes us a good person. Not what we look like. Individuality is key.

  28. Angela Saver

    I want everyone to learn how to be humble & considerate of others at a young age!

  29. Sue Hull

    I taught my daughter to never judge a person because they are different. I told her in Gods eyes we’re all the same. Its important to see their heart. The inside matters not the outside. Thank you for the chance 🙂

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