46 thoughts on “Tropical Travel Patterns Coloring Book Review

  1. Sally Wilsey

    Jamaica, everyone tells me it is so beautiful and the water is so clear.

  2. Gracie Kahl

    I’ve never been, but the Maldives would have to be the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen pictures of.

  3. Lauren Olivia Wood

    My favorite Tropical location is the beaches in Northern Florida because they are beautiful and not crowded with people!

  4. clynsg

    I have only seen pictures and movies of tropical locations, so don’t have a favorite. Since most of them concentrate on the beauty of the areas, it is impossible to make a real choice.

  5. Jessica

    Hawaii. The history and all of the beaches and tropical plants and sparkling blue water… wish I were there right now! 🙂

  6. Julie Waldron

    Hawaii because I’ve seen pictures from when my in laws went last year and it was beautiful.

  7. Linda G.

    Hawaii is my favorite, I was there several years ago and loved it, I would go back in a minute.

  8. Karen Drake

    I have never had a chance to go but my favorite tropical place would be the Bahamas.

  9. Tracy Shafer

    Hawaii is. I have never been and it’s on my to visit list. It always looks so beautiful and my favorite show of all time (Lost) was filmed there 🙂

  10. Roxann

    I have never been anywhere tropical so I don’t have a favorite. I love going to cooler climates.

  11. Kaitlin Mark

    Hello! Just a friendly pointer, but the twitter account @BlueStarColor is showing as unavailable.
    As for the question, I haven’t been anywhere tropical yet, but I’d love to visit Hawaii!


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