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Cremo Moisturizer and Face Wash Review

Cremo Company: Cremo Moisturizer and Face Wash Review & Giveaway

Since I was raised by a man, I am a big fan of items that can be used by men and women.

I believe that while men and woman have differences in their skin care, and personal needs, I also believe we are similar in our wishes for skin care.

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to review a skin care company called Cremo that makes simple shaving creams and skin care that both men and women can use. When they told me that they had a face wash and moisturizer I knew that we would want to try it.

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Cremo Company: Men & Women’s Shaving Cream Review

Cremo Company: Men and Women’s Shaving Cream Review & Giveaway

There are certain lessons and teachings that since I was raised by a man that I missed. These are few and far between now that I am older but equally important to my daily life.

The lesson that I missed out on was about shaving. I took all my shaving lessons from my father while he shaved, and relied on my close friends for further teachings. One of the things that I learned is that it is frowned upon when women are shaving that they not use cream of any kind. The result is razor burn, and at times an uneven shave.

This has been a system of trial and error for me with, not only razors, but also shaving creams. I experiment with different brands and try to find the one that will give me a simple and clean shave. Recently I have came across a company called Cremo Company that happens to make concentrated shaving creams, which means less of the product is needed to give a good shave.

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