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Good Earth Beauty Vanilla Body Wash Giveaway

Good Earth Beauty: Warm Vanilla Candy Body Wash Giveaway

bodywash.vanillaOne of my favorite scents in the world is vanilla. I tend to love anything that has the ingredient of vanilla. I also love scented body wash that is also good for my skin. In April I had the opportunity to try Good Earth Beauty‘s Chocolate Amour 8 ounce pump body wash and I loved it!

So it goes without saying that when I had the opportunity to give away an 8oz Warm Vanilla Candy Body Wash I was thrilled and excited to share it with you!

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Shower Whip Lemongrass Giveaway

Good Earth Beauty: Lemongrass Shower Whip Giveaway

lemongrass2I am so excited to be able to give a Lemongrass Shower Whip away to one lucky reader! I have mentioned my love of body wash and recently I had the opportunity to review the Shower Whip & Scrub “Rose” All Natural Cooper Naturals, and I loved it! This shower whip comes in a 16 ounce clear tub. The contents reminded me of a whipped cream that I had to remind myself not to eat.

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Good Earth Beauty: Shower Whip & Scrub Review

Good Earth Beauty: Cooper Naturals Shower Whip & Scrub Review and Giveaway

Whipped Body ScrubThere is a current trend sweeping the nations cities – the tiny house movement. Without really realizing this sweeping and ecological trend, my husband and I bought our own tiny home. We live in about 800 square feet and sadly, only a very small portion of that square footage is dedicated to storage.

Despite this tiny bathroom, I have learned that the maximization of space is key. I have come up with creative ways to use the space that is provided and shelves, baskets and decorative displays are all utilized to the best of their ability.

My bathroom takes very little of this square footage overall and so every space matters more than in a typical home. Due to this simple fact of my life, I rely on creative ways to display the products that I love. I recently was sent a 16oz tub of Shower Whip & Scrub “Rose” All Natural Cooper Naturals and the method of storage is perfect.

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