40 thoughts on “World of Munchies: Snack Attack Box Review

  1. Debbi Wellenstein

    The snack I would choose is popcorn-super versatile, and delicious!

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  3. D.Ann C

    Interesting! The only one I’d ever heard of was Pocky Sticks because someone used them to make Dalek treats for a Dr. Who party. : )
    I’d never get tired of corn chips…. there’s an endless variety of toppings for them!

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  5. Mollie

    If I could have one snack for the rest of my life I would choose peanut butter pretzels, they are my absolute favorite!

  6. ellen beck

    If I could only have one snack, I think it would be pizza flavored Combos. They are my weakness!

  7. Nancy

    I would choose chocolate as my snack for life if I could only have one snack.


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