Wondercide Natural Products: Natural Pet Parents Pack Review

Give Your Pets Some Wonder with the Wondercide Pet Parents Pack Review & Giveaway

When you are a pet parent, the last thing you want is your pet infested with fleas. These insidious little creatures are not only annoying but can bring harm to your pet with it’s bite.

Each summer the fleas kick into high gear and our cats have new enemies for those warm summer days. I am always on the lookout for remedies that are safe for humans and pets since they tend to want to be close. When I was watching Shark Tank one night and saw a product safe for pets and humans, I knew that I wanted to try Wondercide.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Wondercide. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

I received a Natural Pet Parent Pack that will include one each of the following:

Skin Tonic Spray for Itch & Allergy – This is a human and animal safe spray that is ideal for hot spots,dry &  itchy skin, skin irritations, blisters, ringworm, mites & mange. This is natural & organic and does not contain alcohol, no artificial colors or fragrances and is made with therapeutic-grade essential oils in the USA.

Lemongrass Natural Flea & Tick Control for Pets + Home – This safe and natural alternative to chemical pesticide kills full flea lifecycle. Only 5% of flea lifecycle is adult, which means 95% are in egg and larvae stages on your pet, in your home and in your yard. Pets + Home (formerly Evolv) kills adult fleas, eggs, larvae and pupae as well as ticks, mosquitoes, mites, mange and more. I love that there is a way to remove fleas that is safe for humans and pets.

Rosemary Natural Flea & Tick Control for Pets – This is a safe flea treatment for cats and dogs of all sizes and ages. The smaller size is good for cats and small dogs with flea problems. It is also pH balanced for healthy skin & coat and is 100% naturally derived and proudly Made in USA made from human-grade ingredients and is safe around children.

Hypoallergenic Natural Shampoo Bar for Pets with Aloe – This is 100% biodegradable with no harsh chemicals, no alcohol, no artificial colors, or fragrances. Made in the USA with aloe vera & neem promote healing and health and gently cleans skin & coat. This soap is antibacterial and antifungal and is natural & organic made with therapeutic-grade essential oils

Each of Wondercide products was created by a woman, so this woman owned business is keeping our pets and humans safe. What started as a quest to save her pets life a company that can help and educate the world was born.

I know that we appreciate products that are safe and natural be sure to give the entire line of Wondercide products a look  – your pets will thank you!


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54 thoughts on “Wondercide Natural Products: Natural Pet Parents Pack Review

  1. jennifer bowen

    the one thing i have a hart time with is well my one dog always has to have his hair cut short or he ends up with kots

  2. MeMe R

    It definitely became harder to manage 4 pets when I became diagnosed with Lupus. The walks became less, toy time less, petting less. I feel so bad with all my hospital admits. My big dog also had a major personality change and became super protective. I am seen as the weak member of the pack now. He also changed into a super helpful member as he can now help me when I fall, pick up packages and things that I drop. I would honestly be lost without them.

  3. marlene a harris

    my dogs love to run in the woods and always are into something they have fun but come home full of prickers ect a big job getting them out they are yorkies but they think they are hunting dogs lol

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  5. Darcy L Koch

    I guess it would be trying to bath my cat. He hates it and lets out this squeal as though he was being murdered.

  6. Laura G

    Crating is the biggest problem for us. During the day I can just say kennel and they go and stay with no need to even close the door. When hubby’s home, they act like they have no idea what the kennel even is.

  7. Katt Lewis

    Fleas under control, actually my biggest problem is the amount of sand my girls carry into t he house. Could be worse I guess, the bright side is, we live in Florida.

  8. Jen D.

    It’s a real struggle to put flea medicine on my cat Maddie – it seems to take hours…lol!!

  9. Ryan Schenk

    I am always looking for better more organic ways to treat my pets skin. I would not want to be a dog and have dry skin and this looks like it will do the trick!

  10. Maryann D.

    My biggest pet parent struggle is to figure out how stop Willow, our new kitty from jumping in the litter box and rolling in it! Litter makes such a mess.

  11. Nicole

    When my male cat gets mad at us he pees on the couch. We now have a futon instead with 3 waterproof covers on it, plus a blanket as a cover. Much easier to wash everything than get a new couch

  12. Sammantha D.

    Mealtimes and different foods plus medications since I have some on special diets, others older, etc. It gets a little crazy feeding them sometimes.

  13. ellen beck

    What is your biggest pet parent struggle?

    That would have to be hands down giving pills to a cat. Really, it is a fight as to who wins and how many times they can spit it out.

  14. Liz M

    My biggest struggle would be keeping my dogs from getting in trouble, like with porcupines, skunks, and other assorted wildlife.

  15. Dolores Miranda

    My biggest pet parenting struggle would have to be fleas in the spring and summer,even though they all have good collars and meds,its still an issue.Last year though I found that treating my actual back yard made a big difference,so I will try that again this year!

  16. Michelle Catallo

    Flea control especially seen as it is 80 degrees here in our winter; fleas year-round and it’s not for lack of trying to control. My dogs and cat are cleaned regularly, it’s my neighbors 🙁

  17. Emily Conway

    Would love this for my pet! I like how the solutions are made from natural ingredients. Awesome.

  18. Emily Conway

    My biggest fear/struggle is ticks. Especially in my area where Lyme disease is a concern.


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