29 thoughts on “Wavy Bacon and Cheese Strips for Dogs – Pet Magasin

  1. Barrie

    My dog isn’t picky but he likes treats with blueberries and sweet potatoes as part of the ingredient list.

  2. John Smith

    “What is your pets favorite treat?” Cheerios, kumquats, raisins, and lasagna!

  3. Kim Avery

    My dog favors Milk Bone Soft Chews chicken flavor but will tolerate others if she has to!

  4. ellen beck

    Odin’s favorite treat is anything with cheese or sometimes peanut butter.

  5. Wendy McBride

    Petey’s favorite treats are most of the chewy rawhide types! He loves bacon though, so he would love those!

  6. Daniel Scott

    My dogs love all treats. I have not found one that my dogs won’t eat. They love antlers and meat based treats.


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