Our Top 7 from the Natural Products Expo 2017

A Month Later .. The 7 Items I am Still Thinking About From Expo West 2017

Attending an expo or trade show can be overwhelming to say the least, and it is a lot of information and products to see. This yearly event is held in Anaheim California, has over 80,000 attendees, and over 3,100 exhibitors – that is a lot of people to talk to and meet.

As you walk the floor, the colors, sights and samples are abundant, and favorites emerge. At times the favorites become clear once you are back home enjoying the take away sample. It is in that spirit that I wanted to share my favorite finds from the Natural Products Expo 2017.

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Golden Island Korean BBQ Pork Jerky

I had the fortune of trying this jerky at the Expo, but also was able to get a couple of bags to take home. This was a slightly sweet, and moist jerky that was not overly chewy. Basically this was a really good jerky that I plan on purchasing for our house.

Nature Nates Raw Unfiltered Honey

Honey is one of the most versatile of the syrups, and it lasts forever (literally!). This came in little packs, that were the perfect snack while walking the showroom floor and even more so on my way home. This is a 100% Pure, Raw, and Unfiltered honey that is made by American Bee.

JR Watkins Hand Cream

I originally was introduced to JR Watkins at the Natural Products Expo in 2016, when they were giving sample of their soaps. When I saw that this year the samples were lotion I was so excited. These lotions go on smooth, and dry quickly while moisturizing your skin, plus they smell super good!

G.H. Cretors Popcorn

This is another company that I was introduced to at Expo 2016, and I was instantly a fan of the Olive Oil Popcorn and The Chicago Mix (The Mix). I can tell you that since then when I see these in the store I usually purchase a bag. These are just good and simple popcorn flavors!

Bare – Banana Chips

Let me start by saying that I love bananas, so really most things with banana will be a positive for my taste buds. That being said, these are baked perfect and have the perfect crunch! These are Gluten Free, Non GMO Project Verified, 100% Natural and have no sugar added and are fat-free.

Dr Bronners

In the interest of full disclosure, I have known about Dr Bronners for years. Not only are they a local company, but I used to live about 5 minutes away and would pass them each day on my drive home. That being said, I had never really tried any Dr Bronner’s products, and this gave me the perfect opportunity. I was thrilled about how the soap washed off, and the lotions were clean and smooth.

Bellucci Olive Oil

I never expected to see olive oil samples at the show but I was happy that I did. I ended up using these on some pasta, as I wanted to get the authentic clean flavor. I really liked both of these EVOO samples and plan to purchase full size bottles of these.

These are just a small sampling of my favorite items, and I discovered many more items, these are the ones that even a month later, I am still thinking about!


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