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Butterfly Bliss Naturals: Artisan Soap and Scrub Review

Butterfly Bliss Naturals: Artisan Soap and Sugar Scrub Review + Giveaway

As regular readers will know, I am a fan of soaps, and even more so if they contain natural ingredients and are of a unique color and smell. Since I am a blogger, I spend much of my time on the internet.

Recently, I came across a company that hand makes artisan soaps and scrubs that is called Butterfly Bliss Naturals. When I originally saw their website, the first thing that caught my attention was the colorful butterfly.

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Miss Jones Baking Co. Review

Miss Jones Baking Co – Brownie Mix and Salted Caramel Buttercream Frosting Review + Giveaway

One thing that I enjoy about reviewing items is to look at the packaging and using that to decipher what they are trying to convey to me and if I can guess the overall message.

I am not the only person who does this and, in fact, has been an aspect of advertising since the beginning of advertising. As time marches on and people are much more skeptical of a brands message and intentions, the art of packaging will be more important.

The simplicity of packaging can be simple colors and images, to convey the message needed. Recently I had the opportunity to review an organic mix and frosting combination from Miss Jones Baking Co. What immediately got my attention was the simplicity and color of the packaging, while remaining a standout among other baking products.

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The Ginger People: Ginger Rescue & Arjuna Bar Review and Giveaway

Ginger People TrioLet’s be honest, we all live stressful lives and sometimes that stress manifests into stomach issues. Most medicines that are made to help stomach issues are harsh and have less than positive side effects.

Since me and concept of nausea are very familiar I appreciate easy solution that will be as natural as possible. Given that this is a common problem during one of Jason and I’s many discussions he suggested that I try a ginger based solution.

I had done a review for the Ginger People about a year ago, and since they recently released some new products, I was curious to try their new ginger products.

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Superseedz Summer 2016 Giveaway

SuperSeedz: Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds Summer 2016 Giveaway

SuperSeedzAs the summer continues thoughts to fall have entered my mind. Each year I look forward to the luscious seeds but I am very apprehensive to do anything but a simple bake to them.

I love the versatility of pumpkin seeds with being able to be used in soups and salads, being included in breads, and baked with various seasonings.  While my bravery levels are more on the low side, it is nice to know that I can get Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds by the bag with Superseedz.

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5 Reasons to Visit Sun Bum’s Concept Store

5 Reasons To Visit Sun Bum’s West Coast Office & Concept Store and Beach Combo Giveaway!

Sun Bum StoreI could be one of the luckiest people in the world – I live right in the middle of a surf town – Encinitas, California.

If you have never heard of our town let me share a couple of facts with you – the main artery is the Coast Highway 101. Taking this iconic and scenic route is a favorite of Jason and I’s, and also a wonderful place to truly take in the wonder and true “vibe” of this surf town. With a population of almost 60,000 people, almost someone you encounter knows a mermaid or two.

My favorite thing about my town is the diversity I encounter and see daily. This is a town where you can not judge a book by its cover and if you do, then you are the naive one. Everyone here is friendly and there is no judgement for cutting out of the office at 3PM to hit the waves. This is a town that embraces beachy waves – in the sand or on a head of hair.

Taking all this into account it is no wonder that Sun Bum chose Encinitas as the location for its West Coast offices and Concept Store. Being that it was a mere couple miles down the 101, I decided it was time to support this newest addition to our town.

Here are my 5 reasons you have to stop in next time you are in Encinitas!

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CastileSoap.com: Liquid Castile Soap

CastileSoap.com: Liquid Castile Soap Monthly Subscription Review and Giveaway

Castile Soap Monthly Box with Liquid Soap in boxI am a simple girl, and this simplicity extends to the soaps I use. It is starting to extend to the products I use in my home. My two cats affect my life in many ways, and as of recently in the products that I use around my home to clean myself, my home and even them.

Since I am already a castile soap fan for my facial cleanser I have been wanting to see what else I could do with it. After some quick research I learned that castile soap can be used for anything from washing vegetables to a laundry detergent on over to a body wash. Lucky for our cats, this is also a safe soap to use on animals, so bathes are eminent for 2 creatures soon.

Back in December I had the opportunity to review CastileSoap.com and recently they added liquid castile soap to their monthly subscription box. Since they specialize in only castile soap based soaps I was intrigued and eager to sample this new offering. The great thing about castile soap is that it utilizes the natural and essential oils to add benefit to each soap. Castile Soap is not only bio-degradable but also organic, and contains no harsh elements, and it is safe to use on children and pets!

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Sun Bum Lip Balm Review

Sun Bum Lip Balm Review and Giveaway

Sun Bum Key LimeAs I have gotten older I have realized that life is full of coincidence, and how timing can really make the difference. I want to share with you a great example this coincidences. Back in February I had the opportunity to review Sun Bum’s Shampoo and Conditioner. One of the things that have remained with me is the Sun Bum logo.

The Sun Bum logo is a hefty, sunglasses wearing gorilla – something that stays with you and stands out in a sea of generic logos. So, with this memorable and recently seen logo, it was easy to notice it when I saw it out my car window one day. I squealed with delight and immediately when home and investigated further. I was excited to learn that their West Coast Office is going to be within 2 miles of my house.

The new West Coast office is going to house offices and a concept store! I am very excited to see this in my community. So it probably goes without saying that when I had the opportunity to review Sun Balm Lip Balm, I was excited!

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Castile Soap Monthly Subscription Review

CastileSoap.com Monthly Subscription Review and Giveaway

Vertical Castile SoapBack in the early 2000’s I was having issues with adult acne, and other blemishes on my otherwise flawless face and while searching for remedies, Castile Soap was suggested to me. At the time, I had never heard of castile soap or where to even locate it. As luck would have it, there was a small supply at our local retail store.

I purchased a simple bar of castile soap and within a couple of days of use, I discovered that my blemishes cleared up and my skin overall looked healthier. I continued my daily use of this new “wonder” soap and as time passed it was as though my face went back in time. As I have aged about a decade since that discovery, I am now finding those old issues cropping up.

Since these issues are cropping up again, I began looking for a comparable castile soap  to replace my formerly beloved bars. In my searching I came across a company by the name of CastileSoap.com. CastileSoap.com specialized in only castile soap based soaps. while utilizing other natural and essential oils to add benefit to each bar. Castile Soap is not only bio-degradable but also organic, and contains no harsh elements, and it is safe to use on children and pets!

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The Ginger People Review

The Ginger People Review and Giveaway

The Ginger People - AssortmentAs I have mentioned in the past, as I get older I seem to be getting more sensitive in the stomach region. The newest issue I just discovered is that if I have any dairy after a certain hour I pay for it about 8 hours later in the form of nausea and sickness. It took a little effort to discover why I was waking up at 6 am every morning sicker then a dog, but now that I have I can work around it.

This is not the first time I have experienced nausea and I am always looking for ways to ease that feeling it gives. During one of Jason and I’s many discussions he suggested that I try some Ginger Ale. I had tried this as a kid under my father’s roof with mixed results and honestly reliance on a memory that is aging. I decided to give a try to some ginger, but I wanted an easier method then the ill tasting ale.

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