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Goodie Girl: Chocolate Love for Valentines 2017 Giveaway

Goodie Girl: Chocolate Love for Valentine’s – 2017 Giveaway

It is no secret that I am a fan of Goodie Girl Cookies and we always share them with our friends and loved ones as often as we can.

Since chocolate is synonymous with love, what better than a chance to win 2 boxes of cookies from Goodie Girl – Midnight Brownie and Vanilla Slims!

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Lawless Jerky: The Full Seven Valentine’s 2017 Giveaway

Lawless Jerky: The Full Seven Valentine’s Giveaway

There is no better way to show love to your favorite person than through their tummies! Gift giving can be a hard thing, especially when the recipient does not provide clues to what they want.

As time has passed, I have learned that many times the best gift is food. I have discovered that since everyone has to eat, then there is little margin of error in giving food as a gift. There is no better food gift to give then jerky, especially in my house.

To make your gift giving a little easier this Valentine’s Day, and in an effort to bring more smiles to the world, Lawless Jerky is giving one reader The Full Seven Pack to help you give the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day!

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Taffy Town: Valentines 2017 – Custom Box Giveaway

Love Taffy with a Custom Pack Gift Box Giveaway

Taffy abound

Sometimes the best gifts are the simple ones. While chocolate is delicious simplicity counts for a lot at during this time of declarations of love.

One of the easier treats is taffy with it’s combination of sugar, corn syrup, cornstarch, water, butter, salt, food coloring and flavorings. Using a whipping process and 24 hour-long batch conditioning process you get the purest and tastiest taffy.

Since I am such a fan of taffy and thoughtful simple gifts, there is nothing as simple in the treat arena as taffy. That is why I am thrilled to give one person a chance to win a 2lb custom box from Taffy Town! Continue reading

Crispy Green: Crispy Fruit – Valentine’s Day 2017 Giveaway

Crispy Green: Crispy Fruit Valentine’s 2017 Giveaway

When I was younger (much younger) and in grade school, I loved when the time came to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Overall, I remember this as a time to have cupcakes in class, and most of all, trade envelopes and treats with my fellow classmates.

The Valentine’s given usually reflected the personality and always gender appropriate of the giver. Many students also gave an additional treat with their card ranging from chocolate to conversation hearts. Rarely were the treats healthy and were always full of sugar, many times cavities could be seen month later.

Many things have changed since those carefree candy filled days and parents and teachers are looking for healthy alternatives to share with classrooms such as Crispy Green’s Crispy Fruit.

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Sock Club: Feet Need Love Too – Valentine’s Day 2017 Giveaway

Feet Need Love Too – Valentine’s Day 2017 – Sock Club Giveaway

sock-club-collageAs we approach Valentine’s Day, it becomes a day of panic for many people. Gifts can be hard to purchase if you are in a new relationship or a seasoned 20 year relationship. I am a strong believer that these sometimes the simplest gift can be the most meaningful. Since I spend so much time in the house, it is a rare day that I wear shows. On the rare occasion I venture beyond my home, I make sure my socks are decorative.

I have mentioned that each time we are out and I see a new sock, I want to buy the socks despite my collection being larger than I can properly store. As I have mentioned in the past  one of my favorite pairs that I have is a red and grey wool sock that I received last year.

Since I am a big believer that feet need love too during this universal day of love, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to give one reader a 3 month subscription to SockClub

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Newman’s Own Valentine’s Pet Sampler Giveaway

Love Your Pet This Valentine’s Day – Newman’s Pet Food Sampler Giveaway

newmans-sampler-packAs the calendar days pass, the new years worth of holidays and celebrations have begun. One of the first holidays is the upcoming Valentines Day.

Each year when Valentines Day rolls around, I wonder the same thing each – why is there only one day to tell those we love that we love them. I think we should tell those we love that we love them everyday! This generalization also applies to the animals in our life, we should love them each day and not only on a day in February.

A simple way that we show our cats love each day is by the food selections that we make! With that spirit of love, I am thrilled to give one reader a Newman’s Pet Food Sampler in either cat or dog variety.

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Mrs. Thinsters Valentine’s Cookie Giveaway – 2017

Mrs. Thinster’s: Love the Sweets Cookie Giveaway

We are a sweet house, and a fan of all things sweet and there is nothing sweeter than Valentine’s Day!

Since we are such cookie fans, I am thrilled to give you the opportunity to win a 4 pack of Mrs. Thinster’s cookies in anticipation of the sweetest day – Valentine’s Day.

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Newman’s Own: Valentine’s Day 2017 Giveaway

Newman’s Own Organic: Valentine’s Day 2017 Chocolate Giveaway

As soon as we get past the winter holiday’s the next holidays are being advertised. I began to notice this phenomenon when I was young and worked in the local card store.

The most romantic day of the year is quickly approaching so since we are coming off the holidays we thought we would help you with your Valentine’s Day with a Newman’s Own Organic array of chocolate products, including the raspberry cup. Continue reading