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Ungrip Your Phone Review

Grip Your Phone With an Ungrip – a Review and Giveaway

There is no doubt that I use my phone every frequently and often throughout the day, but I am constantly dropping my phone, which can be a problem to say the least. I have been looking for a way to hold my phone, without sacrificing the ability to use it efficiently. When I saw the Ungrip and the simple application, and use, I was curious if my phone use would be effected in a positive or negative way.

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Season of Giving with Picture Keeper Connect

The Season of Giving With Picture Keeper Connect — The Perfect Gift For Preserving Your Memories

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Picture Keeper and BraVoMark. All opinions are mine

When I was a teenager, I loved to take photos of my family and friends. Where I was, so was my camera and I spend many allowances on film development. Around the same time I began committing Random Act of Kindness, I believed that the more good I put into the world, the more I would get back. As I got older, and continued this I see how one simple act can have a ripple effect and change people’s lives.

During the busy holiday season, it is important to remember that effect we have on people’s lives. One of the best ways to see this effect is in photos, and there is nothing more special this time of year than those moments of kindness.

The one thing that you do not want to worry about is losing those moments frozen in time and with the Picture Keeper Connect you know your photos will be there.

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Cat Lady Box Monthly Subscription Review: September 2017

“Purrfect Daily Essentials” – Cat Lady Box -September 2017 – Review + Giveaway

Each day my husband wakes up, says goodbye to the cats and goes to an office for a minimum of 8 hours a day. On the other hand my office is my house, my co-workers have 4 legs and are much furrier than most other co-workers.

Since I am home based my “daily essentials” amount to water, a pillow for my back and a good flow of music on the background. When I received the “Purrfect Daily Essentials” themed Cat Lady Box this month, I knew that they must have known the things I needed for my “purrfect” daily essentials needs. Continue reading

EasyAcc: Mini 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

EasyAcc: Mini 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review + Giveaway

Some days the weather is so nice here that I take my laptop on the porch and I do my work. The only downside is that sometimes the silence can be echoing. It is those moments that I turn on music and it becomes my co-worker.

The downside to this is that the sound from my computer can be a little scratchy. When I recently got an email to review the EasyAcc’s Mini 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker I was excited to see if this would improve my overall sound experience.

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Mini Monthly Box of Awesome – March 2017 Review

Mini Monthly Box of Awesome – March 2017 Review

As I have aged, I have learned that random mail can be unexpected but also surprising! Sadly as we age the happy surprised are minimized and they are replaced with predictability and routine. Surprises are in less demand as the days pass, but they are nice to recieve.

The easiest way to get monthly surprise is when you sign up for a Mini Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome by That Daily Deal.com you are able to get a positive and happy box. Each month, similar to the regular Box of Awesome that is offered, there is no theme is chosen. Instead of theme a random selection of 2 – 3 gender neutral items are included in this white package.

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Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome – June 2016 Review

Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome – June 2016 Review

June Mystery Box of AwesomeWhen I was a kid there was a store in the neighboring town that was part thrift store, part supply store and part flea market.  This store had everything from toys to dental tools. My father would take me to this store and I would venture off to find some random item I could up-cycle into a useful something.

As I got older, I saw the genius in a store of this nature and now as a homeowner I find myself missing the store I used to see the passage of time inside. I often wish I could go to this store, walk the isles and pickup a random sampling of items that would be useful for my home.

I am very happy to say that I have discovered that long-lost store in the form of a monthly box. The Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome by That Daily Deal.com is the random equivalent of that long-lost store. Each month no theme is chosen, but rather a selection of random gender neutral items that will undoubtedly meet a need in your life that you never knew was missing.

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Gluten-Free Android Applications Available

Gluten-Free Android App’s Roundup!

5 Different Android App’s: 5 Different Experiences

As I was sitting tonight, Jason and I got to talking about the upcoming Gluten Free Expo and what companies I am looking forward to seeing the products of. This, of course, spawned into talking about gluten-free restaurants as well as the grocery shopping challenge in locating gluten-free products.

As I began looking I saw many summaries online for I-Phone applications, but not many critical lists/reviews of the available Android apps. It is with that thought in mind that I present you with my review and overview of some of the more “popular” Android apps for gluten-free location, as well as my choice for favorite. Be sure to comment at the bottom if you have a favorite!

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Kinivo BTH410 Headphone Review

 Let me start by saying that the products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of Kinivo. This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

Kinivo BTH410 HeadphonesKinivo BTH410 Stereo Headphone Review

Sound is something I have always known is important but only in the past decade have I noticed how different sound can be from one device to another. In my learning of the value of sound I was given the opportunity to review the Nivio BTH410 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones.

Kinivo BTH410 HeadphonesThe Kinivo BTH410 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones came securely packaged with the following included in the box:

  • 1 – Black Cushioned Headset
  • 1- USB Charging Cable,
  • 1 – 3.5mm Audio Cable (used for wired play)
  • 1 -User Manual.
  •  1 year Manufacturer Warranty

I did not know what to expect, as I have not had the need for a headphone/microphone combination. I am happy to say that the headphones were very comfortable on my head and unlike some headphones that are tight and make your ears hot, these did not. At one point I had put the headphones around my neck and it was not until I needed them again that I realized they were on me the entire time, I had forgotten they were there.

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